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Kate Gosselin's Cookbook Love Is In The Mix DESTROYED By Online Reviewers

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kate gosselin cookbook reviews

At 38 years old, Kate Gosselin decided that she wasn't going to try and make a living through television anymore, and instead she thought she'd try writing about something she loves — so she wrote a cookbook!

She took that cookbook to a publisher, who agreed that it was a good idea, and now the book is available in many places, including Amazon.

Success, right?

Well… no, not exactly! If the online reviews have any weight on whether or not something is going to be a hit, then we're seriously worried about Kate's latest profession!

The new cookbook is called Love Is In The Mix, and it was released in September. Here's some of what people are saying about it (ouch!):

'This "cookbook" seems to be rehashed internet recipes along with rehashed old photos of her kids. It is a sordid attempt to stay relevant in the public eye and clearly a last-gasp attempt to cash in on the Gosselin name.'

'What a terrible waste of time and money. Recipes seem to be recycled from the back of soup cans and internet recipe sites.'

Brutal! Some reviewers even found that the measurements included with recipes to be TOO VAGUE! Here's another review:

'The measurements are insane. 2 or 3 cloves of garlic? 2 or 3 cups of rice? What is it? 2 or 3??? I'm also a little disappointed in all the family photos. If I wanted a family album I wouldn't have bought this book.'

Strangely, since the negative reviews have caught the eye of the internet, there seem to have been some extremely positive reviews in recent days:

'Would definitely recommend it!!!! Love the intimate family touches, including the beautiful pictures of the kids….Good luck, Kate!!!! This is a winner!.'

Honestly — we haven't picked it up and tried anything out of it!

We feel like if reviewers are having issues with it, then negative reviews have merit. Bashing her in the opinion that it was a 'sordid attempt' to stay relevant, though, seems unfair. If you don't like the recipes, that's one thing. If you don't like HER, that's another!

The measurement thing seems a little suspect, though, we have to admit!

Still, we bet there are a FEW delicious things in there!

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9 comments to “Kate Gosselin's Cookbook Love Is In The Mix DESTROYED By Online Reviewers”

  1. 1

    Umm…has Kate ever turned on the oven?

  2. 2

    Well I do not cook anymore since I am retired (toast does not count) but the book sounds OK if I was going to buy one. Oh, and nothing wrong with recipes from the back of soup cans, have gotten several good ones that way including my favorite, cheese chicken.

  3. 3

    Kate, go crawl under a rock. Your 15 minutes of fame was over years ago.

  4. Val says – reply to this


    Her book is a good one. I got it and I like being able to make choices since I cook a lot and love what she's offered up. Hey, online posters from some of the sites I've seen are the lowest scum haters I've ever seen. Go to ROL and those people live on line 24/7 to trash her and others they personally hate. They swear and boldly tell everyone off with the most vile intentions. They are mostly bitter skanks who can't get dates and are jealous since their time is endless. They'll be alone the rest of their lives with the computer their best friend. Some are serial offenders with a posse behind them to praise them for their bloated bloodied comments. They manage to go different sites hating the same people and use multiple names. One thing about Perez, he's left with better followers and they will try but won't get by with it here and I applaud him for that and his beloved son and how good he is to his loving mom. He's a good guy!

  5. 5

    Re: Val – "One thing about Perez, he's left with better followers and they will try but won't get by with it here and I applaud him for that." WHAT ????? This site has some of the worst posts ever. I am elderly and am shocked at what ppl post on here and the things they say and get away with every single day. Saying things to ppl they don't even know because that persons opinion didn't agree with theirs. Perez loves that kind of attention. He breathes misery and hatred. He is still a bully and so are most of his "followers".

  6. 6

    she looks awful, super thin with a gigantic head!! so if this book doesn't sell is she going to do porn like the octo mom??? she's tried just about everything else , she needs to go away and take care of her kids period.

  7. He He says – reply to this


    Re: Franidani123 – I read in a magazine she looks like a lollipop…..a stick body and a big head. LOL!

  8. overthetop says – reply to this


    Re: Val – Your scary…LOL!

  9. jewel64 says – reply to this


    Thank you, Perez, for quoting part of my online review of this awful cookbook. I'm flattered! Love love love love your blog!