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Over-Cooked French Fries Give You Cancer

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By over-cook, we mean well done — the french fry doesn't even have to be burnt for it to give you cancer!

Though, this is a bummer for those of you who can't get enough french fries, especially if they're a major part of your cheat day! Because you wouldn't eat them ALL the time, right?? RIGHT??

Apparently a chemical called Acrylamide develops during the high-temperature cooking of certain foods, namely potato products like french fries. Oh, and those delicious golden sticks aren't the only things at risk! Acrylamide also forms in over-cooking of potato chips, cereal-based grains, cookies, crackers, breakfast cereals, toasted bread… and coffee.


Well, there goes the list of everyone's favorite stuff! Thanks, FDA. We hope you're happy!

The chemical was first discovered in 2002, and has been tested enough to show that high doses of the substance cause cancer in laboratory animals, and scientists are pretty damn sure the same goes for people.

Here's what science found:

"Acrylamide forms in foods from a chemical reaction between asparagine, an amino acid, and reducing sugars such as glucose and fructose. This reaction is part of the Maillard reaction, which leads to color, flavor, and aroma changes in cooked foods."

The head of Chef Clinic in California, however, who's also a chef and a physician, defended browned foods because apparently the Maillard reaction is used by chefs everywhere for flavor enhancing.

Sounds like bias to us, but he claims the "amount of acrylamide you need to cause cancer in people is astronomical."

There hasn't been a call to ban the substance yet, so his food is 'safe' for now!

Oh, that chemical also shows up in cigarette smoke, plastics, grouts and some cosmetics.

If you haven't cut back on all this stuff yet — or at the very least learned how to properly cook it, we'd say now is a pretty good time!


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One comment to “Over-Cooked French Fries Give You Cancer”

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    don't care, i'll eat the crispy fuckers [on cheat days]