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Nigella Lawson Loved Drugs So Much She Took Them Every Day For A Decade

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nigella lawson drug use decade

Court is one of those things that tries its hardest to reveal alllllll of your dark and dirty secrets!

For Nigella Lawson — food writer and recipe maker — that's exactly the case. Oh, and it's working.

A court has just heard that her cocaine use was habitual, and she used her ex-husband Charles Saatchi’s money to pay off her aids from revealing the secret!

At 53, you'd think you'd be into being an adult instead of acting like a rebellious college kid with too much money. Instead, well into her middle-age, she used cocaine, weed and prescription pills on the daily for more than a decade secretly. Mr Saatchi, 70, totally wouldn't have like that, so why would she tell him??

She was pretty clever about it too — she had a verbal agreement with two Italian “kitchen confidantes.” Basically, they were allegedly given permission to use her husband's company credit card for personal use if they didn't talk about her affinity for faceboarding down Mt. Nose-Powder.

Wanna know how the courts found all this out?

Well, the two assistants ratted her out when they were charged for defrauding her husband for 300 THOUSAND EUROS!

They wanted to use that as part of their defense — the drug use — and a judge ruled that the “bad character” claims could be used in court, meaning Nigella will probz be cross-examined about them!

The trial has been postponed, but it was SUPPOSED to start today, due to new evidence and info!

Nigella divorced her husband in July for 'unreasonable behavoir,' but it sure sounds like he wasn't the one swimming in COCAINE!

We're super interested in how this might turn out!

[Image via WENN.]

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11 comments to “Nigella Lawson Loved Drugs So Much She Took Them Every Day For A Decade”

  1. 1

    Nigella's husband choked her in public…not saying cocaine use is ever okay but maybe he's no innocent

  2. 2

    hah truth always comes out

  3. Jene says – reply to this


    That's bullshit coming straight out of a wifebeater's mouth.
    She looks nothing like a drug addict. She's 53 yet looks healthy and youthful, unlike famous cokeheads such as Kate Moss, who's younger yet looks like a rotten potato.

  4. nicci says – reply to this


    cocaine abusers are super skinny, Nigella is not I call bullshit on this one

  5. CatAttack says – reply to this


    It's a tactic. Why would they wait until JUST BEFORE the trial to bring this to the table? They're trying to buy time and generate public interest in a last ditch effort to get some kind of sway in this. It just so happens to tie in with her very public divorce from Saatchi? Oh please.

    Anyways, IF Nigella did have a drug problem then they could still be using it to make themselves look innocent.

  6. 6

    Seriously Perez. You always sink lower and lower. How sad that you will take a wife beater's word over the victim. You disgust me.

  7. 7

    Re: Jene – I agree. He's just fighting dirty because he's not allowed to throttle her anymore. Smearing her name is the next best thing for a specimen like him.

  8. 8

    ok wether or not she is a drug user, I find a real problem with just dubbing her "acting like a college kid" instead of acting like an adult. You have no human compassion. Addiction is a disease ass wipe Some adults WISH they didnt act like "a college grad" but they've never been able to get the help they need. most are so sick they dont think they have a problem PLUS its safe to say that cocaine use isnt just a teenagers drug anymore. People from ALL walks of life have issues with it. I don't but people I love have had issues so I dont take ignorant comments about drug abuse lightly anymore. You are a TERRIBLE journalist. oh wait you aren't one. ugh

  9. Seriously says – reply to this


    Think that someone should bring this to the attention of Nigella Lawson's lawyers as you are stating all this as fact when at present these are spurious allegations made against her by two people (and a violent ex-husband) in order to turn the tide of a court case. What you are doing is libellous and you should be taken to task for it.

  10. 10

    Even if the story were true for which I highly doubt it is true. Sounds to me these assistants were embezzling money and are using Nigella's drug use as an excuse for embezzling money from their boss. Sorry, it still doesn't justify Charles Saatchi for physically assaulting his wife Nigella. Only in third world countries is physical abuse on wives is permissible by law.The last I checked England is not a third world country. I can see Nigella permitting them to buy a designer handbag here and there but 300 Euro's? NO WAY!!' They're lying to save their own butts from staying out of jail. The last I checked 53 year old drug abusers do not look healthy. Nigella is fresh faced and the epitome of health especially for a 53 year old woman. In my opinion it sounds like it's the other way around, Charles Saatchi is the one buying her assistants off to keep quiet about witnessing the brutal assaults at the hands of Charles Saatchi. Like I said before, if true and Nigella was indeed abusing drugs it in no way justifies Charles Saatchi of physically hurting his wife.

  11. 11

    If any of this is true, it seems strange that heavy drug use did not seem to ever interfere with her work and it never came to light before. How distant would her husband have to have been to have remained clueless? It all sounds like bullshit to me.