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Khloe Kardashian Slams Rob Kardashian's Critics! Says He's Working Very Hard To Lose Weight!

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khloe kardashian defends rob weight gain says hes working hard

If we learned anything from Kim Kardashian's pregnancy, it's that Khloe Kardashian does NOT take kindly to people criticizing her siblings, ESPECIALLY when it comes to their weight!

Well the reality starlet is once again on the defensive, and this time she's sticking up for her little bro Rob Kardashian, who has been publicly struggling to lose weight since his breakup with Rita Ora!

In a recent interview, Khloe slammed her brother's critics and said losing weight is NOT an easy task:

"People give, especially guys, such a hard time to lose weight, because people expect men to lose weight so much faster. But losing weight in general is so hard and it takes a lot of time and determination. It doesn’t happen in one day!"

Amen, sister!

Khloe went on to say that Rob is working really hard to shed some extra pounds, and although the physical results don't happen overnight, he's already starting to feel better about himself:

"He’s definitely working on it but it takes time. I’m just happy that he’s feeling good about himself. He’s on his own."

That's so great to hear!

Eating right, exercising, and living a healthy lifestyle is always good, but none of that really matters if you're not at least feeling good about yourself!

We hope Rob continues to work hard and reach his goal!

[Image via Instagram.]

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10 comments to “Khloe Kardashian Slams Rob Kardashian's Critics! Says He's Working Very Hard To Lose Weight!”

  1. My gonna Reeya. says – reply to this


    but if he didn't have weight issues, nobody would know who he is. I wouldnt know who he is if i didnt see an article about his weight. Glass half fat.

  2. sc says – reply to this


    well what does he do that prevents him from losing weight? tons of cash, no job, can hire the best personal trainers, chefs etc. Most people with real lives - jobs, families, obligations, may not be able to prioritize their body/health/weight but this guy simply can't stop stuffing his face despite all of the help he has so fuck off. Who cares, he's a fat guy, he needs to grow a pair and develop a sense of humour or get off his butt and stop stuffing his face. Two options.

  3. 3

    always wondered what happened to the tubby Kardashian, now we now and can sleep well tonight….

  4. Kardashian Fame Whore says – reply to this


    yea but he's working harder at adding more so the effort goes unnoticed… fat ass needs to hire a physical trainer and stop crying so much about not having a famous kardshian kunt between his legs like the rest of his sisters.

  5. 5

    I call him Mr. America cuz he's the FAT of the land. Actually, Rob is an 'endomorph' just like fat ass Kim. Too bad he's not handsome like half-bro Brody. I thought he was studying Law to be a lawyer like his dad? Kris has failed as a mother. She has even taken the younger Jenner girls out of school. The best thing Rob can do is put distance between himself and his mother and siblings. He and Bruce could make some $$ if they wanted to write an expose' of the whore Kris. "The Black Widow"

  6. 6

    being a guy in that family brings its own hell. If he had any balls at all he would move away from those ball-breaking females and do his own thing.

  7. Luis says – reply to this


    I have the idea Rob is gay, and is hard for him coming out with all that butchy sisters.
    Have u ever seen episodes when he gets close close close with his brothers in law…?
    poor guy he has to preserve the Kardashians name… no matter his tastes are diff.

  8. Sean says – reply to this


    If anyone thinks that you stay fat because you feel hungry, go do a stint in a mission in Rwanda or Ethiopia where there are no fat people. Everytime you would open your gob to eat, you will see a hundred emaciated faces and just want to give all that you have to them. It is obscenly selfish that most Americans are overweight and a huge minority are obese.

  9. 9

    I try not to care about this family, but I have always loved Khloe's heart. She's the best of them. I have never noticed any of them standing up for her when her weight goes up a little. But she's always there to support her sibs. She deserves a lot more credit than people give her… if for no other reason than she's the most REAL of all of them and clearly loves her family.

  10. m. says – reply to this


    I think Rob is doing a great job and I can already see results in his face. I'm glad he decided to move out on his own and work on himself. Brody's talk was a helpful one and he's lucky to have people who care about him in his life. Even though this is a reality show full of privileged people, they are still a good example of a family with good communication.