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Tom Daley Says He Was Terrified To Come Out! Watch His First Post-News Interview HERE!

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We've never been happier for Tom Daley, even when he was just off doing super sexy things at the Olympics!

Being in love is the BEST, and we're just happy he's in love at all — but he's also able to FREELY be in love with another man (Oscar-winner Dustin Lance, we hear!), and that adds a whole lot of lifted weight off his shoulders!

When he came out, we were SO PROUD OF HIM!

Like many before him, though, he was terrified to take that step! We totally understand why, and we're glad he was able to overcome that fear so he can live the way he wants, without hiding. He even spoke about it and the decision to come out at length on the Jonathan Ross Show (above)!

He opened up SO much during the interview, giving a very honest look at what it was like for him coming up, saying:

'It felt like a dirty little secret, it felt like I had chains wrapped around me, I couldn't be who I was, I felt alone and trapped. Just telling one person made me feel so much better, just that one person took a weight off my shoulder. I told Sophie my best friend first as I knew she'd be really accepting of it. She's been so supportive and there for me. Now that everyone knows, I have nothing to hide, those chains that I felt wrapped around me are gone and I can carry on with my life as normal and be happy.'

You'll just have to watch the interview to hear the rest (ABOVE)! It's so flawless, and HE'S sooooo flawless!

Congrats on everything, Tom — especially in finding someone!!

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22 comments to “Tom Daley Says He Was Terrified To Come Out! Watch His First Post-News Interview HERE!”

  1. ew says – reply to this


    Ugly little shit with daddy issues. At least be the bottom to someone your own age.

  2. Sigh......... says – reply to this


    What baffles me is how when someone comes out after dating a different sex, they're clear to point out, "I don't like to be labeled. I love people. I'm happy. Who I'm dating shouldn't matter." ect… like they're EXTREMELY convinced to let everyone know they don't want to be 100% gay or be seen as strictly gay. It's kind of annoying. And yes. The age difference of his with Dustin is weird. Slightly creepy.

  3. u says – reply to this


    you always obsess over any man that comes out the closet he's not going to fuck you, mario. i doubt anyone is. ps- way to support this 20 year difference and condemn paul walkers.

  4. sarah says – reply to this


    Re: Sigh……… – ummm… people have to say that because in this culture people wanna slap a label onto everything, even with saying that, people all over have been saying he "came out as gay" which he didnt. today's society erases bisexuality from existence even though so many people fall in that realm.

  5. Calvin says – reply to this


    Re: ew – Tom Daley? Ugly? Go home.

  6. 70s music says – reply to this


    Re: Calvin – he looks like a childish cartoon character

  7. GetItTogetherMario says – reply to this


    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole – YES. Perez is SUCH a hypocrite! He wants to degrade and rip apart any straight couples but he just GUSHES with glee for a gay couple. He wants to make remarks about the Teen Moms trying to stay in the spotlight, but praises the Kardashians. And if someone he personally likes makes a mistake, he says, "Surely, there's a misunderstanding" and he forgives them, like with anyone saying Beyonce or Kanye West is being bitchy, but will CONTINUOUSLY remind everyone of Chris Brown beating Rihanna. All of it is bad, so why doesn't he treat everyone the same? For someone who claims to be a better person and is above being mean and is a father, he sure is fucked up at it.

  8. Kawaii says – reply to this


    Re: 70s music – HAHAHA, OMG, HE DOES. Like a weirdly drawn anime. ^_^

  9. 9

    Re: ew – Don't you remember that Piggy published the X rated pictures of Dustin Lance with a hard cock jammed up his bum right after Dustin had won the Oscar for writing "Milk"? Tom is the 'top' and Perez is a hypocrite and a bitter old queen.

  10. sarah says – reply to this


    this is last years….. the jonathan ross episode airs saturday where that quote is from. I would know, I was there. wrong video

  11. 11

    no one ever heard of him, so it truly wasn't that big a deal. all you gotta do is look at him and you know he sucks cocks after the cock as been up a big asshole covered with shit.

  12. 12

    Tommy's RAW SMALL PEEN slipping IN & OUT of Dustin's CAVERNOUS ANAL CAVITY….he'll dump him after this month.

  13. 13

    Tommy will be "DOING" the Hollywood controlling JEWISH GAY MAFIA…all the way to the top; so he thinks…

  14. matt smith says – reply to this


    This interview is a year old!!

  15. 15

    Call me far fetched, but I'm beginning to think that his relationship, along with the creepy tiny Speedos, is just a big publicity stunt. Though they may truly like eachother, it's all rather convienent. The more famous an athlete is, the bigger the offer of lucrative endorsement deals. (Which makes some sports pro's lots more money than their sports itself.) And press coverage equals fame.

    To some of the commenters: the double standards he upholds are truly bizarre indeed.
    GaGa sells 275k something in the album's first week; she's a flop. But no such harsh words for Britney, with less than half those numbers.
    Same with the age thing. But there is just no telling some people, and such is the case with Perez. No matter how much people will point out the obvious ill logic behind his reasoning, nothing will get through. You are talking to a wall with a repulsive Miley-shirt on. *

  16. 16

    *Since I came here first around 2007, I have never expected reasoning, kindness and sincerity from this blog, nor the author(s). Thus I am not disappointed to not find it either. The whole 'friendly' act is what has gotten disappointing.

    And for the record; elderly and middle aged people shouldn't be lusting after someone half their age. I can understand why young people can fall for much older people, whom seem to already have and learned the things youngsters have yet to. Being impressed by someone can easily lead to falling for someone. The older vultures know this and make handy use of it.
    It is true that there are golddiggers, but some of these creepy douches (and cougars) are literally asking for it. And deserve it too.

  17. 17

    If it was a straight couple with such an age gap, Perez would be bashing them to no end, but he's praised because he's somewhat gay. I don't see why Perez is all of a sudden obsessed with Tom.

  18. ZAINA says – reply to this


    Re: lalalla – remember paul walker…

  19. Alphonso says – reply to this


    Tom needn't have been terrified about coming out, we already knew from his first appearance on the diving board…but he can relax now…in his own mind…when he's with his boyfriend…and he won't feel he needs to run away afterwards.

  20. Charmian says – reply to this


    There's lots of criticism about Tom and Dustin Lance Black…but how come no one was outraged with Woody Allen and Soon-Yi???
    There's a bit of a double standard there!

  21. 21

    Re: ZAINA – What about him…?

  22. 22

    Re: ZAINA – I looked it up and found this

    Just Proves to show how Perez can't stand straight people.