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Naya Rivera's Workout Attire Is JUST A SPORTS BRA!

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naya rivera sports bra gym time

Girl's got an incredz body, that's for sure!

We mean, who else could roll up to the gym in just a sports bra and be ready to sweat all over the joint?? Nobody!

That's why we KNOW Naya Rivera is proud of her body and the work she puts into it — it's pretty damn amazing!

She was spotted droppin' an LOL on her friend while hitting the gym in West Hollywood! We can't help but wonder how her wedding plans are going… and if she looks this happy, we bet they're going well!

So fab!

Work that ass, girl!

[Image via FameFlynet Pictures.]

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10 comments to “Naya Rivera's Workout Attire Is JUST A SPORTS BRA!”

  1. 1

    No. An incredible body is one that is fit, toned, and with a healthy amount of body fat. This is just another super-skinny Hollywood body that may or may not be healthy.

  2. Zaina says – reply to this


    Naya River's Lmao

  3. Thespacismjasim says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – do you women EVER stop preying on skinny women? Why dont jealous women take a break and go bully skinny males? No male model has "a healthy layer of fat". You cant have fat and show abs at the same time. Go pick on them for a while instead of specifically targeting females. My girl is naturally thin (typical slender japanese girl build) and the last thing I want is women of america encouraging her to sabotage her health by fattening up (japan has a longer lifespan than americans). I'm the one paying for her medical care. Anyways, this chick's body looks great. I have spent the last few years of my life with an athlete (gymnast). True athletic females… look like this. Watch the females at the FRONT of the marathon pack. Notice they all look like THIS.

  4. cee says – reply to this


    @Thespacismjasim really? Leave rosebud99 alone. She stated that she may or may not be healthy, which is true. A lot of people in Hollywood and in general that are that skinny do have eating disorders. Some girls are naturally skinny and some people work out a lot and take care of themselves as you mentioned. I am so happy for you to have a skinny japanese girl and gymnast as girlfriends but why does everyone's liking have to be yours? You stated you like slender girls well maybe some people prefer average slightly toned women?! People have different tastes. Get over yourself. Using a freaking Perez Hilton board to brag about how small your girlfriends are?! WTF! Really?!

  5. Sth says – reply to this


    You really shouldn't be saying that her body is ”incredz” because it's almost anorexic. Young girls have enough stupid stuff crammed into their brain about how their body should look like.
    I am not against skinny people, I'm skinny myself and it's just because of my genes so I don't think that every single girl is starving herself but Naya is waaaaaaaay to skinny.

  6. thespacismjasim says – reply to this


    Re: cee
    true alot of people have that disorder..but obesity is a far bigger disorder in america culture. An eternally bigger dilemma than the ever focused upon than anorexia. Obesity is so bad in the native american population, they have literally REDUCED their life expectancy average over previous decades. More people will die of obesity related ailments than anorexia. As for women in hollywood, asian girls can barely get into hollywood (unless they need a karate chopper role) but i have to constantly hear about the eating disorders of the white females who dominate it. Women prey on skinny women in our society. The MAJORITY are naturally slender but jealous women try to imply they arent REAL women "real women dont have curves". That behavior makes me lose respect for some women. The longest living culture of women… have a lower bmi (japanese). But do they get congratulated? nope. They get "they look like boys and have no curves. Too skinny" comments.
    And I dont recall BRAGGING that they are petite. Thats just a fact. I brag that they have cat eyes. (which drives me craaaaaaazy. but she likes that it drives me crazy)

  7. thespacismjasim says – reply to this


    "real women dont have curves". i meant, "real women HAVE curves.". Women are so hateful and spiteful of thin women… they are trying to imply, culturally, thin arent even real women and they arent healthy. My gosh. Thats sleazy.
    Women are intimidated sexually by slender women and USE ANOREXICS as a tool to wage some kind of WAR against that which they consider to be a mortal enemy: naturally slender women.
    Male models are just as fat free as female ones but do women give a shit? nope. They arent intimidated by that guy. Thats not their enemy. They fixate on slender women. And i dont blame slender women for getting angry at that (and they do)

  8. Sth says – reply to this


    Re: thespacismjasim

    I'm just as against obesity as anorexia but try searching the hashtag ”anorexia” or ”anorexic” into instagram. You'll find a lot of girls trying to be anorexic and motivating each other. But you won't if you do the same with ”obesity”.
    Obesity doesn't come from celebrities, it comes from modern society - people being lazy, tired, poor (or because it's cheaper) etc.. but anorexic ideas come from celebrities and hollywood, that's why we're commenting on how she's to skinny and the influence it has on young girls but not on obesity.

  9. 9

    Re: Thespacismjasim – I completely agree with what you are saying. I'm naturally thin and am constantly bombarded by other WOMEN saying I need to "eat more" or I see thin women being harassed online about being anorexic. Some are naturally thin, and commenting on being too skinny is JUST as hurtful commenting on a girl being too fat. "Real women have curves"– Oh really? I thought real women had VAGINAS, there should be no ONE definition of what women should look like. If I'm thin and healthy then why should I be getting comments from people saying I'm unhealthy? And who are you, @rosebud99 to judge and decide that this girl is too skinny? She seems perfectly healthy to me.

  10. 10

    Re: Sth – This past summer I went on an allergy medication, not for allergies, but to eat more just to gain weight. Saying anyone is "too this" or "too that" gives ALL girls bad ideas about their weight. Saying she's too skinny, anorexic, or looks like a boy gives OTHER girls with her body type, body-image issues. I finally realized I can't go against what my body naturally is (I'm asian and not super curvy), but hearing these types of comments all the time has left me with issues about my body. So think about that next time.