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The day is here that Kim Kardashian shuts up ALL the haters that said she would never lose the baby weight after having little Nori! Well guess what? SHE… Read more…

37 comments to “Kim Kardashian Debuts Her New Slim 'N Booby Bikini Body For US Magazine!”

  1. 1

    They have one of these stories for almost every celebrity that has a kid. Yes, I'm sure they work hard with their diet and exercise, but what they NEVER say is how much easier it is when they don't have to look after a household, cook, clean, shop, care for a family, or work 8 hours a day. And they never admit that they have a team of nannies and don't even have to look after their own baby. They pretend they are just like any other woman. And no cosmetic procedures - please - just look at her face, she can barely move it! But good for you Kim, you have shown everyone just where your priorities lie. Baby - what baby?

  2. RED says – reply to this


    Still ugly…

  3. 3

    But of course she can't prove people wrong by being a good mom LOL. This slut only cares about her body and her image. And btw, her body doesn't look back to pre-baby even with the airbrushing they did. So what city is she in tonight while neglecting her kid?

  4. free says – reply to this


    She did it all on her own- and with a tiny little bit of Photoshop.

  5. 5

    She fucked up her face with too many procedures. Her nose looks bad. She can still stand to lose some more weight too

  6. LinLin says – reply to this


    Well good for her, if she's back in shape! And that's a big IF, because both the before and after picture are probably quite far from the truth.
    I'm sure she may be in shape again, but my big question is: Even if you get back in shape, how is the pregnancy not still showing in your skin? What do (apparently all) celebrities put on their baby bellies in order to have absolutely zero stretch marks or any sagging skin? My kid is almost nine months and my stomach still looks quite bad, even though I barely got any strecth marks.
    Please, anyone, either show us the truth or give us your secrets, if these pictures are the actual truth!

  7. 7

    She is still short and fat compared to everyone else in Hollywood.

  8. Linda Merchant says – reply to this


    please have a GOOD story to tell.the WORLD is sick of the 'k' trashy whoe women.PLEASE!

  9. 9

    Kim "PHOTOSHOP takes the pounds away without any messy shakes, diet pills, or exercise; ONE CLICK is all it takes to lose hundreds of pound off those cottage-cheesed thighs"

  10. 10

    Re: LinLin
    A lot of celebrities get induced early/have c-sections to prevent from getting stretch marks, that's why you never hear of celebrities with stretch marks. Kim got HUGE during her pregnancy so I'm guessing she had surgery after to get rid of the ones she got

  11. Urs says – reply to this


    That pic of kim is so photo shopped….look at her neck

  12. 12

    Ummmm hello…….look at her neck and head on that body …pay attention to her shoulders and tell me …. doesnt it look weird ???? Her head looks too small for that photo and was likely super imposed onto that photo which I am not arguing is her body but probably not recent by any means? Also look at the way her waist curves in… you can not tell me its contours haven't had some help via photo shop??? . Keep it real !!

  13. Charlotte says – reply to this


    I would rather she focused on motherhood and her daughter than looking good. Such a shallow being. Poor child.

  14. er says – reply to this


    LMAO she lost her looks forever .. TRUTH HURTS

  15. Chanoc says – reply to this


    Uhh what revenge are you talking about you turd? I'm sure no one has considered photoshop.

  16. 16

    totally photo shopped, plastic face her head does not fit the body no matter what she's still a vapid, self promoting no talent HO who made a sex tape can't get away from that no matter what! a chimp is more intelligent than she.

  17. ohmy says – reply to this


    She will never be "Thin"…just look at her huge hips and ass! Photoshopped!

  18. vc blackwell says – reply to this


    Hard to tell which is the more important accessory, the baby carriage or Compass since we see the baby carriage more. Between the "blanky" covering the carriage and the mask covering Kanye at his RANTS (oops "concerts'), I wonder WHERE either of them really is!

  19. vc blackwell says – reply to this


    Re: RED
    Ah Rosebud, seriously! Right when I was going to say the FIRST nice thing I would ever have said about Kim, I read your comment and changed my opinion. Anyway, I'll say part of it. Congratulations Kim, you definitely look better, whether you did it with 'procedures' or not. Happy Holidays All ; )

  20. 20

    Us Weekly just like most magazines are notorious for photoshopping

  21. SmonkyTheFunkyBear says – reply to this


    She's going to be saying "i got my body back" for the next 30 years. She's not my type sexually (i go for petite asian women under 5 feet tall. I have had many girlfriends but most seem to fit that prototype) I'm not a kim fan (my heros are all business owners and inventors) But i do congratulate her for accomplishing her weight loss goals. "kim slams the fat bullies and gets her sweet revenge". Sweet revenge? Whats that? A box of donuts?

  22. Harlowgirl says – reply to this


    PHOTOSHOP!!!!!!!! And theres still a belly! I honestly dont care what she looks like and think mothers should take as long as they want to lose wait but dont parade on a magazine saying look at me when your entire life is photoshopped and you still look like sh*t KIM! Perez- again disappoited on how up her ass your are. Be honest like you use to and still are to certain celebs

  23. liquid kitty says – reply to this


    Still a very wide load with fake boobs.

  24. lola says – reply to this


    mmm ok no.. tis broad was touched up, you can tell. hey trashy kim, how about you spend time with you daughter be a loving caring mother and stop worrying about what the public thinks of you. for that matter, here let me tell you what we all think of you: you are a disgrace to all women, you bring nothing to the table. you are a horrible role model for young women every where. your narcissist way of being is disgusting! nothing good has ever came out of you (well you daughter) and even then you prefer the limelight. like your future husband once rhymed in one of his songs "she would do ANYTHING for the limelight" and right he is. there is nothing you or your disgusting family wouldn't do for attention. i feel extremely sorry for you baby girl!

  25. Jess says – reply to this


    Her head looks unnaturally small. Her face looks fake. And while it's great that she's not promoting an overtly skinny body, in her case it wouldn't hurt to shed a few more pounds.

  26. Seriously.. says – reply to this


    She did not even carry her child for the full term and the 3rd trimester is when you gain the most weight usually, so what is this attention seeker so proud of? I carried my child for the full term, gained 50 pounds total (no stretch marks, I got lucky) and a year later I'm back to normal and have even lost 10 pounds more. But do I flaunt my body all over social media? Heck no, I am proud but I feel that no one but my husband should see so much of my skin! And I am 23 and a good looking gal, but I guess I am way more conservative than most women these days.

  27. 27

    Fucked up picture….errr try again she didn't do anything on her own. Plus she's holding her breath LMAO!

  28. 28

    Look at the picture of her on the magazine….then look at the pictures in the gossip columns…..can anyone say PHOTOSHOP!!! Of course they can't get rid of too much of her huge butt or no one would recognize her.

  29. 29

    nice photoshop.

  30. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: SmonkyTheFunkyBear – Lol. If anyone over thirty thinks their body is back, then they haven't gotten the memo. It's never 'back.' It's work, work, work to keep the decades creep away, but on the plus side, it keeps you fit to have to keep at it.

  31. 31

    BITCH YOU WISH !!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Donna Clinton says – reply to this


    No one is hating on her. The only thing she brings to the table is her surgically enhanced body. So what she did it on her own, she's supposed to do it on her own, just like the rest of us. She gets no kudos from me! Now she should work on getting her surgically enhanced face back in order, cause she's looking like a 45 year old woman with a face lift.

  33. catton says – reply to this


    anyone notice all the "nice" perez has been posting for the kardashians? is this his next little monster? Pic are photo shopped. The dimensions don't measure up. First the video and now this…….very sad that she believes this and gossip sites post it.

  34. Nonya says – reply to this


    THIS is a fake picture, they just showed a picture of her shopping on Black friday, and she was huge!!!! sorry you dont lose 25 pounds in a few weeks.

  35. daveyjoneslocker says – reply to this


    I used to love you Perez, but you've obviously been drinking the Kartrashian Kool-aid. This pathetic person in NO WAY is back nor did he do it ON HER OWN.

  36. Aleman says – reply to this


    Looks like her plastic surgeon has been hard at work. Does she really think people don't see the differences in her nose and body after all of these years? The Kardashians keep the surgeons in business. Please. ANyone in Hollywood knows that it is very common for the HOlloywood moms to get tummy tucks after giving birth. Tell this b.s. to someone with a low IQ and no common sense.

  37. Lover55 says – reply to this