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Nigella Lawson's Aide Claims Nigella Took Drugs To Stay Up All Night To Write Cookbooks

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nigella lawson drug accusation trial

And Nigella Lawson's unofficial trial continues — unofficially as in that it's not even hers, but it seems to have become ALL ABOUT her!

The two aides the trial IS about are in huge trouble for using Nigella's ex-husband's business card as a personal piggy bank. They claim, however, that they were given permission to use the card as such in exchange for hiding Nigella's massive drug use… which she denies is massive at all, but only 7 times total.

Francesca Grillo, one of the aides, says she saw evidence EVERY DAY that Nigella was taking a slew of drugs, including swigging from liquid Xanax bottles, having runny noses even during the summer, a hollowed out book containing "drugs," and claims of white powder on nose being makeup!

She even said that Nigella used cocaine to fuel all-night sessions working on her cookery books!

Those Xanax bottles were also said to be placed strategically around the house so she'd never be outside of arm's reach! Here's what Francesca said:

"Very often. She had one bottle in the kitchen and one bottle in the bedroom."

And when asked if she ever saw her taking the medication, she said:

"Yes from the bottle. Yes, a gulp."

She then went on to claim that Nigella’s daughter Cosima ‘Mimi’ Diamond, 19, even found a hollowed out book that had Nigella's cocaine stash in it:

"Mimi found the book with a friend of hers, and she was shouting, calling us to go in the study and see it… I made up something, trying to minimize it."

Here's what Francesca said about the cookbook writing:

"When she was writing a book – her latest book – she said she need to work through the night because she was so busy, and I think she needed help to stay up all night. Then she had a running nose for a long, long period of time – quite strange in summer times.

And then she would go from kind and very nice to a bit absent and grumpy. She’d been always a quite warm caring person but in the last few years she started to be quite grumpy and nasty, blaming the fact she couldn’t sleep or that the children weren’t turning out as she’d like them to be.

At the beginning of 2012 there were a few episodes where she came downstairs and she had white powder inside her nostrils. A few times I just ignored it, but one time I said 'Nigella, you have something inside your nose.' She just brushed it off and said it was make up. But it was too white to be make-up."

Oh shizzzzz! This paints a COMPLETELY different picture than the one Nigella painted of her own drug use!

But the question is: who's telling the truth??

We might never know, but that doesn't mean we're done hearing more of the story! The trial is still on-going!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

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6 comments to “Nigella Lawson's Aide Claims Nigella Took Drugs To Stay Up All Night To Write Cookbooks”

  1. 1

    I don't follow the details of this story — but I don't care what she drinks, smoke or snorts in her own home…..why is this news.?

  2. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    She has a BIG NOSE like Liz Hurley, and if she uses drugs, and offers them to her young kids, she is SUCH a looser….I won't buy her cookbooks, or any of her products…not that I did before, but I especiALLY WON'T NOW, even IF THEY GO ON SALE AT HALF PRICE ! dUMB tWAT !

  3. 3

    If poor Paula Deen can lose her show for a 20 year mistake in wording, Nigella should not be seen on tv as she is a crack head.

  4. 4

    That explains why my cookies were a flop.

  5. 5

    These girls cannot provide any proof. Nigella admitted to drug use

  6. josh says – reply to this


    who cares if shes a crack head shes hot!!! if she can still look that good and be on drugs she deserves to be on tv