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Amy's Baking Company Lands On Worst Businesses List For 2013 And Their Reaction Is Priceless!

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amys baking company testimonials worst bosses

It's been far too long since we've last heard from the folks over at Amy's Baking Company, who were in the spotlight of the most notorious episodes of Kitchen Nightmares last year, garnering Gordon Ramsay's first time being unable to help a joint.

Seriously, if you aren't caught up, it's a wild ride!

Anyway, the Phoenix New Times noted that the America's Worst Bosses of 2013 by eBossWatch list was out, and Amy's landed right at #6! They should be happy they aren't #1 after all the media focus, but they're not happy at all — nope!

They even went out of their way to get their employees to record confessionals as to how awesome it is to work there. Like we don't know Amy's signs their checks!

And, naturally, like they have many times in the past, they took to their Facebook page to air their thoughts!

'Well at least we can always count on PHX New Times for NOT getting their facts straight! They forgot to mention that we were investigated by the Department of Labor, and have had No Violations. We never have taken anyone's tips, and we are NOT the employers who are being sued for stealing our servers tips, or forcing them to work without breaks. As a matter of fact our employees love us, and we love them! We are innocent from all of these slanderous rumors. The truth will soon be told, and then the intelligent ones can choose sides. Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year !!! Thank You to all of our Supporters, you guys have been amazing and we love you too! BTW we will be open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! If anyone is hungry! Meow!'

How was that truth soon told? Like we said, they made their employees record testimonials, along with which was posted this:

'We would like to extend our gratitude to Fox 10 News tonight .We are grateful and Humbled to hear that Kari Lake really liked us! We really liked her and her beautiful family too! So we Ranked #6 out 50 of the Top Worst Bosses of 2013? We believe that to be untrue. You have all been asking for Proof. Here are some videos of our actual employees they don't seemed Bullied or Attacked by us. And yes….they are all real!'

If you wanna listen to all of them, we have them for your viewing pleasure (below)!

Still… we're not buying it!

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19 comments to “Amy's Baking Company Lands On Worst Businesses List For 2013 And Their Reaction Is Priceless!”

  1. 1

    Cray, cray!!!

  2. Nelson F. says – reply to this


    The employee testimonials reminded me of hostage videos. "My captors have treated me with respect and dignity. I am fed daily, and am also allowed to bathe. Those who speak ill of my captors obviously don't know them. I am not forced to say any of this". LOL!!

  3. Jyli says – reply to this


    Haha did anyone else notice everyone keeps looking up to the left??? That's supposed to be the first sign of lying….

  4. 4

    The shirts that the staff wear clearly show that the owners have zero respect for their customers and make like of their deplorable behavior. You couldn't pay me to eat there and support those scumbags.

  5. Nicky007 says – reply to this


    Why do people continue to eat at this place? Let them go out of business.

  6. CHINESE READ MINDS!!!! says – reply to this


    Asians all together can hear, and see what you're visually thinking.
    THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A MEME! This is the absolute complete truth!!!!
    Asians hide their mind reading abilities by having completely expressionless faces so they don't accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don't like, find funny, astonishing, etc, and Asians segregate so their not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
    Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
    All Asians are keeping their mind reading abilities a secret, they don't want ANYONE to know they can read minds! They value hiding it more than their own lives!!!
    Try thinking, and visually picturing things as wild as you can when you are around Asians, and look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason, it works if you try enough!!!

  7. 7

    I just watched the episode and that Amy lady is completely nuts. She wouldn't even pretend to listen… Also did anyone else notice that in all the "rave reviews" from employees not only were they all new, but everyone looked up to the left. The first sign of lying…

  8. 8

    Whoever wrote those statements really needs to go back to school. Their grammer is horrible and shows how illiterate they are. I watched the episode of this show and she is really nuts. She needs medication big time.

  9. Lizzee says – reply to this


    I saw the original show when it aired and it was SHOCKING! The way these people behaved towards their customers, staff, one another, Gordon Ramsey was deplorable. I ASSumed when they saw themselves on the show they'd be embarrassed and feel shameful for their behavior. But I guess when you are that far gone and that bat-caca-crazy there is NO REALIZATION of what an embarrassment you are to yourself, your business, your spouse and your entire family! This Lady is INSANE…I don't know why anyone would visit this business or continue working for them…and TRY TAKING MY TIPS OLD MAN!!!! I'd break your damn arm! Those videos are forced…and another sign of how insane that witch truly is…I was uncomfortable just watching one of them. Poor girls…I hope they are studying psychology in college, she's make a superb psychological study subject! UGH! It taxes my nerves just listening to her voice.

  10. ericmtl says – reply to this


    Stockholm Syndrome obviously

  11. TheKnownEnigma says – reply to this


    Re: Nelson F.
    LOL…..nothing to see here……everything is fine

  12. Jerry says – reply to this


    I think one of them was blinking Morse code. The message read "Help! Get me out of here! Help!"

  13. Stephanie says – reply to this


    "this is one of the few places in scottsdale that you can actually find a job…" ummmm maybe cuz no one wants to work there and that psycho amy fires anyone that does?

  14. Robin says – reply to this


    Do any adults actually work there?

  15. trist says – reply to this


    I would never go to a restaurant where the employees are wearing shirts that say "here's your pizza, now go f**k yourself". That is rude and unacceptable. These horrible people have learned nothing from their mistakes.

  16. Sam says – reply to this


    These testemonials seem extremely rehearsed and planned. Sadly even if things are as good as these videos are ment to portray them to be, the damage has already been done by Amy and Sammy and its going to take far more thanthis to fix it. I hope things are as good as this is making it out to be, and best of luck Amy and Sammy.

  17. ElegantButler says – reply to this


    The T-shirt on the gentleman on the last video says the truth about the place. A not so subtle version of the subtle signals given by POWs. Well played, sir.

  18. Gary Johnson says – reply to this


    Stockholm Syndrome!

  19. Stevie says – reply to this


    I think they got away with stealing tips because Samy rang up all the food. That means when they investigated by the DOL it looked like he had waited on all the tables and the tips were his and any credit card tips that were recorded he probably paid taxes on them. Jerks.