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Evander Holyfield Says Gays Can Be "Fixed" On Celebrity Big Brother! Then Gets Scolded By Producers! Watch It All Go Down HERE!

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Say whhhhaaaat??

Big Brother seems to brings out the worst in people!

Either that, or it just puts a spotlight on their usually-hidden prejudices!

In last night's launch of the new season of UK Celebrity Big Brother, we see that boxer Evander Holyfield is handcuffed to reality star Luisa Zissman - a new twist on the show - and whoa…. how soon he forgets that cameras are filming his every word 24/7!!

During a late night gab sesh about gays in boxing, Evander goes off on a rant saying that being gay is not "normal" and that they can be "fixed" by doctors!

Even though poor Luisa tries to shut him, he just keeps on going!

You won't believe what he he has to say!!

Luckily, the producers later intervene in a diary session and give him the ultimate smackdown!!! Talk about one stern scolding!

Watch it all go down (above)!!!!

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11 comments to “Evander Holyfield Says Gays Can Be "Fixed" On Celebrity Big Brother! Then Gets Scolded By Producers! Watch It All Go Down HERE!”

  1. 1

    Hypocrite you mock sexual assaults and have no respect for women and what they are put through but the second your offended you expect the world stand with you, thankfully all gay guys aren't pigs like you.

  2. mary says – reply to this


    If you cant discuss things that might be considered offensive to some, what can you discuss? Not race, gender, religion, or politics. Seems less reality when adults cant have meaningful conversation about real life topics. Also, big brother broadcasts sex and tons of other crap. Why is it a disagreement on homosexuality is so obscene to them?

  3. 3

    wow did he really say that?

  4. 4

    Once again… someone getting scolded for his opinions and believes. No one say their opinions anymore because someone might get offended.

  5. 5

    Yes they can be fixed… BY A HUGE BLACK DICK!!!

  6. Office Drone says – reply to this


    Unnecessary on big brother's part. I don't agree with Evander, but I don't think he was trying to offend anyone. He explained his beliefs in a civil way and listened to the woman and the man without raising his voice or getting violent. If you want to change the way someone thinks and open their mind to a topic such as this, you don't punish them for their opinions.

  7. rojasdiva says – reply to this


    As a gay man I believe he is entitled to his opinion, as we all are.
    Do I care what he thinks…? Fuck no!
    It's my opinion that his life is so sad that he has to subject himself to being on such a show.
    What a sad bitch!

  8. atimata says – reply to this


    Wow! Firstly, I do not agree with Evanders opinion at all. HOWEVER, he is having a calm and civil conversation (debate) expressing his honest and sincere opinion based on his beliefs. Just because his opinion isn't the ideal does not mean he should be censored! Censorship on this level is VERY SCARY!

  9. 9

    Wish doctors would hurry up and locate that gay gene. Then parents would have a CHOICE if they wanted a queer or not. but thats not gonna happen is it, wink wink

  10. 10

    Oh my gosh! I am gay myself and am appalled at how Evander Hollyfield was reprimanded for simply stating his opinion. It's not as if he was spewing hatred towards gays saying that we should be killed or that physical harm should be done. My personal opinion is that he is as dumb as a pile of bricks and his opinion doesn't even have any logic to it….BUT that is HIS opinion and that is MY opinion. We have a right to our opinions! Why should someone be reprimanded as if they might be kicked off of a show simply for sharing there opinion. I have no issues with Evander as I know a lot of people who think like he does, I do have an issue with Celebrity Big Brother for denying him free speech. If they had such an issue with it, they didn't have to air this on TV…but tell the man he can't have his opinion? Get the fuck out of here!

  11. 11

    He's not exactly wrong. Scientifically speaking being gay is either a genetic defect or faulty wiring in the brain or a chemical imbalance of some kind. Considering mammals are supposed to reproduce, that's our sole purpose. That is what we are designed to do. That is why women and men alike are hard wired with biological instincts to choose the best mates. All that said, it's possible once we identify what actually causes someone to be gay to begin with, we could find a way to reverse it.