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Wowzers! Who knew Tom Daley was such a party animal?? This weekend, the sexy British diver celebrated his first episode of Splash! by grabbing a bite wit… Read more…

Tom Daley showed off his DJing skills at G-A-Y club in London!Tom Daley showed off his DJing skills at G-A-Y club in London!
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5 comments to “Tom Daley Does A Surprise DJ Set At G-A-Y Club In London!”

  1. chaz bonos cock says – reply to this


    aaww how sweet , which one has aids homo ?

  2. The Perez Hater says – reply to this


    Did the queer do a surprise DJ set or a BJ set?

  3. 3

    Is Tommy already INFECTED?

  4. Robert M. says – reply to this


    this is one couple I'd prefer to see less of. A mediocre diver and an overrated screenwriter, both coasting on looks and charm. hooking up with a naive 19-year old pretty boy makes Lance Black look horrible.

  5. 5

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