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Kris Jenner Shows Off Her GILF Status In A Smoking Hot Bikini Pic!

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kris jenner shows off bikini body on instagram

Wowzers! It looks like someone is trying to steal Jane Seymour's GILF status from her!

Kris Jenner took to Instagram to share a video/slideshow of some of her favorite snaps of 2013 to the tune of her soon-to-be-son-in-law Kanye West's Black Skinhead!

The short clips features tons of pics of her family and friends, but if you blink, you might just miss the most risque one of them all, which shows Kris rocking a bikini like a champ!

The 58-year-old grandmomager of three showed that she's still got what it takes to bring all of the boys to the yard as she flaunts her flawless figure in a super sexy poolside pic!

DAYUM! Keep 'em coming, Kris!

[Image via Kris Jenner/Instagram.]

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29 comments to “Kris Jenner Shows Off Her GILF Status In A Smoking Hot Bikini Pic!”

  1. 1

    No one is interested in seeing her rapidly rotting and deteriorating body.

  2. 2

    Kris Jenner is the greatest thing to happen to the world since antibiotics!
    Someone should give her and her family 100 trillion dollars so they can afford to keep that ifestyle on their tv show for the rest of eternity!
    And someone should make Kanye president of the US, he is sooo great!

  3. pie pie says – reply to this


    everyone look good while laying down and full on make up, light and photoshopped .

  4. 4

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  5. 5

    Re: pie pie – Don't forget the extensive cosmetic surgery.

  6. liquid kitty says – reply to this


    I think I just threw up in my cheerios.

  7. Anna says – reply to this


    Disgusting! Put your cobwebbed vagina away, Kris!

  8. Cel1405 says – reply to this


    "Please give me some attention! …I'm desperate for it!"

  9. 9

    Her body is just as phony as she is!!!

  10. rugar_99 says – reply to this


    I saw this picture and it said it was from when she was in her 20's…more believable than from 2013!

  11. 11

    nice body, pretty face, rotten to the core inside. she pimps her kids to much to get any respect from me.

  12. 12

    its not much competition if one is photoshopped…

  13. kristin261 says – reply to this


    If I paid that much money for my body, I would want to show it off too! =p

  14. LEE says – reply to this


    that is just discusting.. she should be embarassed.. she is NOT in her 20's ,30's or even 40's.. total embarassment to her family. She really should be ashamed of the "parent" that she claims to be to her children..

  15. Mushy says – reply to this


    She has old lady legs, I guess you can't do cosmetic surgery on those.

  16. 16

    can only imagine the cobwebs down in that old plastic cooter

  17. fuckhaters says – reply to this


    hahaha all you hatin are just PLAIN JEALOUS!!! she looks great for her age and even with the surgery! I'm sure your 58 year old parents WITH the surgery wouldnt even look half as good as she does! It's obviously not a picture from her 20s you dumbass its so sad that you losers jumped on the bandwagon of hate on this family… Kris is definitely not pimpin her kids… she gets 10%, if you can count, they make 90% so I don't see how this is pimpin… she's just the freakin manager you morons! Why do you hate them SO MUCH? If it's from anything you've read in tabloids then i'm just laughing at you you gullible brainless fuckers!

    She looks great

  18. 18

    That plastic pimpin 'ho is ready for her next mounting.

  19. 19

    i can't stand this slut, but i'd fuck her so hard!!! fuck you sex!!! lol!!!

  20. 20

    i can't stand the fucking bitch either, but all you shitheads are just haters!!!!!! she looks pretty good for an old slut, come on!!! she needs to get fucked hard in her ass!!!! lol!!!

  21. 21

    Re: IThoughtItFirst – i'll be next!!! lol

  22. daylily says – reply to this


    Ever notice that all her "bikini pics" are with her standing up in rib-deep water or like this with her laying down. That's because if she stood up and took a full frontal pic her boobs would be down to her knees with her booze-filled belly sticking out a foot in front of her!! She doesn't have an honest bone in her body!!

  23. madmike says – reply to this


    why's her nose dangling from her face?

    oj's in prison denying he banged that.

  24. 24

    she's disgusting trash…she's a grandma i'd like to run over with my car

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    The hips and ass are genetic.

  26. Frenchionista says – reply to this


    Hey check out my blog for fashion and music!

    Much love!

  27. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: fuckhaters – Well Well! A refreshing comment for a change! Indeed people are on here hating on someone they know nothing about outside of what she choses to show. Arn't you people tired of bitching about the Kardashians yet? Looks like you wake up in the morning and you find some celeb to target. The woman's worked for her cash, so if she did plastic surgery or not, it's no one's business. i'm not a fan, but gosh give it up people. Way before people were able to comment and leave trashy messages on the net how did y'all survive before? Hitting people with stones on the streets? Duhh.. Rofl! Ridicule!

  28. 28

    Re: Mushy – If your legs looked better than hers after bearing 6 children, power to you.
    I find she looks great and I would love to look this good when I reach 58.

  29. Doooooo says – reply to this


    If it cant breed, its totally worthless to me personally but she doesnt look bad in that picture. I just cant see how one white female can give birth to so many wiggers. Is she the queen bee for the wigger nest?