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Trader Joe's Former President Starting New Store That Sells EXPIRED Food!

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trader joes expired food store restaurant president

Now this is an idea!

Do you ever throw out food as soon as it hits the expiration date?? Well, we've always heard that a lot of the time those dates aren't really regulated by the FDA — but rather the companies trying to get you back in a store to buy more!

And it sounds like we aren't the only ones who know that, because former president of Trader Joe's Doug Rauch is launching The Daily Table, a grocery store and restaurant in Dorchester, Massachusetts, that will offer nutritious, inexpensive food!

That's because the food is deemed 'unsellable' by other stores because of its date label! Trust us, it's still edible!

His goal is to provide healthy meals to the working poor in America, and to stop people from wasting everything in sight!

Here's what he said:

'Most families know that they're not giving their kids the nutrition they need. But they just can't afford it, they don't have an option.'

Now, lower-income consumers will have that healthier option — and at a lower cost that competes with fast food prices.

The store/restaurant will include things like fruits and vegetables just a few days off their sell-by dates. Some of the other kinds of food will be re-purposed for hot trays.

So just how bad is the waste problem? A 2012 study found that nearly 40per cent of food produced each year is wasted! $165 billion worth!

He continued:

'People worry about food-safety issues, and E coli or salmonella. [But] virtually all of the known food-related deaths in America have been caused by food that was in code.'

We all need to be more aware of what we're wasting!

That's super unacceptable, and we're glad Mr. Rauch is taking it head-on!

[Image via AP Images.]

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2 comments to “Trader Joe's Former President Starting New Store That Sells EXPIRED Food!”

  1. 1

    Here's what you don't get, Mario. This asshoie is a fucking greed monger. He was the asshole trying to sell FULL PRICE expired food AT Trader Joes. Trader Joes had always donated these items to charities and food banks. Now the prick is out to fuck them, too. Don't be a fucking idiot and promote this piece of shit.

  2. 2

    donate it? No throw the stuff out! Give the poor top quality food not out dated food. Their life is hard enough, don't let them be worried about what they eat too. Gosh people. Donate real food and good food.