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Nigella Lawson Dodges Charges After Courtroom Cocaine Confessions!

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nigella lawson dodges charges

If anyone was worried or wondering whether or not Nigella Lawson's drug use confessions she made while under oath in court would come back and haunt her in the form of handcuffs, you needn't worry your pretty little heads!

The fuzz don't care!

Scotland Yard said they'd take no further action just because Nigella admitted to taking drugs. We mean, that makes sense — it's over and done with, and she no longer is doing things with those past drugs in her system. If she were caught currently on drugs, that'd be a different story!

A specialist team DID examine all the evidence relating to the 54-year-old's confessions, though! So what she said during the trial of Elisabetta and Francesca Grillo wasn't just some cathartic experience — she really did put herself at risk by putting herself out there!

Besides the fact that Nigella took those drugs in the past, and the past is the past, law enforcement didn't want to push for charges for the lapses in judgment because it might put a bad light on witnesses telling the truth in court!

Here's the official word from Scotland Yard:

"A specialist team from the Metropolitan Police Service has now examined all the available evidence in relation to admissions of drug use made during the trial of Elisabetta and Francesca Grillo at Isleworth Crown Court.

'The review has concluded that there will be no further action by police. The decision has been taken based on a number of factors, including the need for police action to be proportionate, whether further action would be in the public interest, and after consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service.

'There are serious public interest concerns about the message any prosecution would send out to potential witnesses and victims in the future. Whilst witnesses clearly cannot simply admit to any offence under oath without consequences, this has to be balanced with the requirement for victims and witnesses to tell the truth.

'Further police activity may deter victims from being candid with police and in court for fear of future investigation."

There you have it!

Now maybe she can get back to cooking things on TV!

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