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Justin Bieber Almost Lands In The Penalty Box While Playing Hockey! See The Dirty Play HERE!

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justin bieber almost trips opponent while playing hockey

The past couple of weeks haven't exactly been easy on Justin Bieber, but luckily the Canadian pop star is able to find a positive side to the whole thing.

It's hockey season!!!

Bieberoni decided to surprise some youngsters at Marietta Ice Arena in Cobb County, Georgia and sit in on their hockey practice. But Biebsy had no intention of simply watching from the sidelines, so he actually laced up and got in on the action!!

Justin proved to be surprisingly graceful as he glided around on the ice in a video he posted to Instagram, but the clip also captured a dirty move that almost landed him in the penalty box!

While trying to steal the puck, the Biebs stuck out his stick and nearly tripped his opponent, which is a pretty huge no-no in hockey and usually costs at least 2 minutes on the sidelines!

Luckily his opponent was able to keep his balance and no damage was done, and that's probably a good thing since injuring a hockey player wouldn't look great on his already long list of problems right now!

Oh well! No harm, no foul!

Ch-ch-check out the play that nearly landed him in the penalty box (below)!

[Image via Twitter.]

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6 comments to “Justin Bieber Almost Lands In The Penalty Box While Playing Hockey! See The Dirty Play HERE!”

  1. WTF says – reply to this


    Pretty shit Hockey player really, his skating is poor thats why he has to stick his stick out to get to the puck, couldn't position himself properly cause hes to slow.
    Plus look at how little he is next to all the real guys playing. Hes like a little bitch elf

  2. 2

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  3. getoverit says – reply to this


    will you give it a fuckin rest already jesus if he sneezed and a baby was in the room you would come up with some preposterous story that justin beiber was purposely trying to get a baby sick. The kid cant fuckin move without you looking for something negative to say, I'm not even a fan of his but this is just getting ridiculous!! Yes he has done wrong things I do not condone the DUI at all but jesus fuckin christ not every move the kid makes is malicious! GROW UP! You said you changed your portrayal and no longer wanted to be a bully well thats exactly what you're being. This reminds me exactly of the bullies I had to deal with in junior high, anything I said or did was altered to sound stupid or shameful….just give it a rest.

  4. misty says – reply to this


    This video has no surprises about it Perez. Unfortunately, this is who this young boy has become in life ……and if you expected anything more or less from JB, then the surprise is on you. :)

  5. jem says – reply to this


    PEREZ!! DARLING!! :) Seeing that BIEBER IS OUT OF CONTROL!?!?! WHERE IS USHER!?!?! USHER BROUGHT JUSTIN BEIBER INTO THIS MESS!! HE SHOULD TEACH HIM THE ROPES!?!? Like WTF USHER is more than happy to claim that USHER MADE BEIBER, so if he's like biber's father - bringing him into the business world of FAME & FORTUNE, why didn't he GIVE BIEBER ADVICE, TEACH HIM THE ROPES, TEACH HIM RESPECT?!?! Because at the end of the day EVERYONE KNOWS that USHER brought in BIEBER & it's a reflection of USHER??? Even like all the tryhard Michael Jackson moves that both USHER & BIEBER do, so Usher can teach bieber to dance but not how to BEHAVE??? USHER IS JUST AS MUCH AS A PROBLEM AS BIEBER IS & IF HE'S NOT FIXING THE PROBLEM - HE'S PART OF THE PROBLEM USHER SHOULDN'T BE ABLE TO WALK AWAY SCOTT-FREE, AS HIS RESPONSIBILITY INTRODUCING HIM INTO THE MUSIC WORLD - USHER NEEDS TO PULL HIS FINGER OUT & HELP BIEBER!! SHAME ON YOU USHER!! THIS NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPEND IF JT (or any other artist) worked with Bieber, WHEREAS U USHER - HAVE JUST LEFT BEIBER FOR DEAD!

  6. Idiot. says – reply to this


    Stop trying to create drama where there is none. All of the boys he practiced with said he was friendly and they enjoyed practicing with him. None of them had anything bad to say. And this is coming from someone who isn't one to defend JB.