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Atlanta News Anchor DESTROYS Racist Coca-Cola Ad Haters!! Watch Her Drop Knowledge HERE!

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Get it, missy!

It's insane to us that ANYONE would get offended over the Coca-Cola ad run during the Super Bowl — the one where a bunch of people in different languages sing America The Beautiful. The ad was an exact and heartwarming representation of what makes this nation great.

And then the hashtag #speakamerican began trending.

We could go on and on about how incorrect and awful those people were being, but we could never put it as eloquently concise (and badass) as Atlanta's WXIA’s Brenda Woods. She hits that nail on the head and sets everyone straight!

Want a taste? She says things like:

"The quote on the Statue of Liberty doesn’t say ‘give me your English-speaking only, Christianity-believing, heterosexual masses…"

And it only gets BETTER from there!!

You gotta watch it (above)!

P.S. — If U want to see the whole ad and some more of the offensive things people have been saying about it, CLICK HERE!

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16 comments to “Atlanta News Anchor DESTROYS Racist Coca-Cola Ad Haters!! Watch Her Drop Knowledge HERE!”

  1. 1

    They're all racist nazi's.

  2. fid says – reply to this


    She made her point perfectly. Those who are making racist remarks about the ad can barely speak proper English themselves, and generally use no factual evidence in their decision making.

  3. Joel says – reply to this


    It's about being able to communicate. How does a non-English patient expect to get help from his doctor if he/she can't speak English? It's about communication, not about racism. Keep your heritage, but learn English. It would help unify us as a nation instead of continual division

  4. lcp says – reply to this


    there are different ways to communicate than speaking. These foreign people who can't speak English but come here to be doctors have worked very hard to supply us with medical needs, so instead of bitching about how you cant understand them perfectly, go get off your ass and learn the doctor shit yourself so you don't have to listen to anyone you don't want to when you're looking for help. so selfish

  5. SuckItTrebek says – reply to this


    Re: Joel – Your a fucking Idiot, do you think ALL people in the medical profession ONLY speak English? There are plenty of doctors that can assist and most hopistals have people to help wth langauge barriers. I bet you're a poor low life piece of shit because clearly you were not educated on our countires history.

  6. 6

    Re: Joel – its the law. I work in health care. if a non-english speaking person shows up at welfare office or hospital its OUR responsibility to find people to communicate with them not vice versa. Its very expensive and the poor and lazy and moochers demand someone who speaks THEIR language.

  7. 7

    Re: SuckItTrebek – why do you think its so freaking expensive to have health care? none of these parasites who feed off the rest of us are expected to even learn the language. Hospitals must PAY interpreters (no they don't work for free) its all on the American taxpayers dime. I guess its easy for people who get a "check from the government" but honestly its soon not gonna be worth it to work so when the people who pay the taxes just quit and stay home what are the moochies gonna do? riot, rob people? thats why the sale of guns is through the roof.

  8. apple says – reply to this


    well said maam.

  9. roharris33 says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – My wife and I both work in the health care industry. With that being said, you stating that the reason why health care is so expensive is because of interpreters is completely ridiculous. Maybe you work as a janitor or something because you have no clue what you are talking about. I wonder why prescription drugs are so expensive, surly it can't be because the drugs are given to the "freeloaders". Besides that interpreters don't make that much money, Medicare and Medicaid do contribute to healthcare workers salaries. If you have a problem with that then tell McDonalds, Walmart, etc.. to offer affordable health insurance to their part-time employees.

    In regard to the Coke ad, I don't have a problem with it. If you have a problem with someone speaking a different language then you're in the wrong country, because this is one of the few countries that is a mixture of multiple cultures. America would be a much better place if we learned to respect other cultures.

  10. 10

    Re: shaygirl1309 – I will say what I said on the other post, also a thread that you've been racist and ignorant on….
    actually, America is a group of continents. The UNITED STATES of America is a Country. When you zoom out on Google Earth, its says UNITED STATES. So really "America the Beautiful" could really be talking about all of America, Canada, US, Mexico, Central and South America. Which, aha, all speak different languages! English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Creole, etc.
    Canada has been teaching children that they are a mosaic of people, all different races, all diverse coming together to create a beautiful national picture. In the states you call it a melting pot, where every must blend.
    Open your hearts more. Unless you do a lot, and then, good :)

  11. SammiDe says – reply to this


    This gave me chills! You go girl!

  12. Ari says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309

    I don't think health care is the job for you. Apparently working in a job where you are forced to speaking to different ethnicity's is hard on you, perhaps it is time to find a job where you only have to speak to yourself.

  13. dontstretchthetruth says – reply to this


    No, its not about people speaking English to get healthcare. It's about a coca cola ad, it's about people singing America the Beautiful in languages other then English, it's about people making racist and homophobic comments because of a commercial they were not pleased with. You can try to attach some big picture story but you are adding topics that have nothing to do with this. I do not recall the part in the coca cola ad where they person went to the hospital and they had to find a translator.

  14. rich white boy says – reply to this


    This is false accusation against people pushing for the standard of English. It is too malicious to keep attributing malice to those who contain no such thing. Forward-thinking requires a shared set of standards in the minds of those most in touch. Why incriminate people who see the beauty in making sure that proper social pressure is applied to all, in terms of civility, language, equalitarianism, and lawfulness. Non-English speakers flocking to one region of the country and aggressively pushing out other peoples has always been posing risk to the American people as a whole. No one's asking for people to forget their native tongue, the only request made is that people respect the land they have moved to and learn the language so that chaos, confusion, violence, lawlessness, division, and such are minimized. It's really that simple. Please, stop oppressing people of particular viewpoints out of the discussion through "R word" terror. This leads to very bad things. There's a wisdom our national discussion is missing, and this is it. Wanting territory where anything goes ain't the way.

  15. annainparis says – reply to this


    Actually she should review her history. Colonies came way after the first white settlers (who by the way built the railroad which has made this country a great and prosperous nation). Other colonies came afterwards, after the true pioneers had done the job!!! Scary that people have no clue what they are talking about (and by he way coca has always been multipot for business, in latin america people drink more coke than water…it all comes down to business)

  16. Diana says – reply to this


    So this was a very catchy ad and I personally liked it. As for the other comments, wow, talk about a red herring!! I agree, there is nothing sacrosanct about the song. It simply celebrates the beautiful America (including Canada and Mexico) that exists on this side of the hemisphere.
    P.S. Maybe schools should teach the history of racism in the world, starting with Manifest Destiny. But THAT's for a different subject.