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LeAnn Rimes Puts Her Worst Foot Forward! Ankle Injury In Hawaii? Say It Ain't So!

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LeAnn Rimes and her hubby Eddie Cibrian were walking around Hawaii and she had a bandaged foot! Oh noes!!

LeAnn Rimes and her painfully handsome hubby Eddie Cibrian are still in Hawaii!

What's wrong with a little 8-week vacation? LOLz!

Seriously though, they've been in Hawaii for so long we feel like they've gotta be tired of the perfect weather and gorgeous nature all around them.

LeAnn must've really been feeling the boredom so she injured her foot to shake things up a little!

We kid! We're assuming it was an accident, maybe a horse or serfbort related one…

Regardless of how it happened, she certainly seems to be in good spirits, despite having to wear a bandage on her right foot.

They're technically in Hawaii on business, filming for their upcoming reality show! It'll be on VH1 and its working title is LeAnn & Eddie.

Can't wait to see the show and find out how that foot injury happened! Feel better, girlie!!

[Image via FameFlynet Pictures.]

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18 comments to “LeAnn Rimes Puts Her Worst Foot Forward! Ankle Injury In Hawaii? Say It Ain't So!”

  1. 1

    The biggest island in Hawaii is exactly the size of the fuck I do not give about LeeAnn Rimes' ankle.
    And to think there are 21 000 children who die on this planet every day.

  2. 2

    She's still with that worthless unemployed man-whore?

  3. 3

    Eddie "I banged the hotel maid while LeAnn was pigging-out at the hotel's free breakfast buffet."

  4. 4

    What is so important about this bitch spraining her ankle?

  5. LROZ says – reply to this


    At 7:55, I went to JJ and used Gwen's name to make a hate post about Brandi. Le bought me a watch yesterday, so I had to do this for Le. I know the police told me to stop the harassment, but Le bought me a watch. You forgot to add that Eddie's girlfriend is in Hawaii with them. Le isn't in good spirits, have you seen what she has been posting about Brandi on her Irene Sybil account?

  6. Gwen's excuses says – reply to this


    Re: NinfaTurtle – Oh shut up you windbag.

  7. LROZ says – reply to this


    Yeppers, I am still obsessing about Gwen. Leann is pissed because Gwen pointed out that the whale watching photos didn't happen on Wednesday, but on Sunday because Le and Ed are wearing the same clothing in the whale watching photos that they wore on Sunday. Gwen was right. Eddie wouldn't cooperate on Wednesday, Le put up the Sunday whale watching photos to make it look like Ed was with her on Wednesday. Did you see how Ed was looking at Kiki in the photos that Le put out today? Kiki is standing before Ed and then Le sticks out her butt and then she walks over to Ed to let him know to look at her butt because the paps are watching. Did you hear about the watch Le bought. If I continue to harass Gwen what will Le buy me now? Nothing happened to Leann's foot, she kicked the door when she found Eddie having sex with Kiki.

    Eddie told Leann, " Oh shut up you windbag, I'm trying to have sex with Kiki. "

  8. Gwen's excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Hillary's Husband's Ex-Girlfriend – Are you still consuming large quantities of vodka, AMEJEAN?

  9. LROZ says – reply to this


    Yeppers, I am back again to obsess about Gwen. I know that the police told me to stop and me in their station for almost the whole day, but Le bought me a watch yesterday. Did you see the photos of Eddie looking at Kiki and then Le walking over to Eddie getting pissed and pointing to him that the paps are watching?

    Eddie said to Leann, " Are you still consuming large quantities of vodka, what ever happened to your friend AMEJEAN who was always harassing Brandi?"

  10. LROZ says – reply to this


    Why did Leann lie to make it look like she went whale watching with Eddie when she went whale watching with him on Sunday? Eddie was with another woman on Wednesday and didn't want to film anything because he was having a good time with his new girlfriend.

  11. LROZ says – reply to this


    Leann wanted everyone to know that she spends her days on her Irene Sybil account posting about Brandi. Check it out. Le is really obsessed with Brandi.

  12. LROZ says – reply to this


    I love the watch that Le bought me. I am going to keep coming here to harass Gwen and other people who don't like Le to pay Le back for buying me a watch…………………..

  13. Gwen's excuses says – reply to this


    Re: April9999 – Well honey, one thing less important than LRC spraining her ankle would be you spraining yours, LROZ.

  14. LROZ says – reply to this


    Yeppers, I am still back here obsessing about Gwen after the police told me to stop. Le bought me a watch, so you know how it is.Le is pissed because Gwen was right, Le didn't go whale watching on Wednesday, she went Sunday. Eddie wouldn't film with her Wednesday because he was with his new girlfriend. Eddie said to Le," Well honey, one thing less important than LRC spraining her ankle would be fat Ginger Hines spraining hers, hwo much did you pay for that watch for LROZ………..did it come out of my allowance."

  15. LROZ says – reply to this


    Did you see those photos of Leann getting mad at Eddie because he was checking out Kiki?

  16. ^Escaped Lunatic Gwen^ says – reply to this



  17. ^^^Gaspar Marino^^^ says – reply to this


    Gwen's excuses=Gaspar Marino=Tammy=Mrs. Claus=Perez Hater!!!!

  18. LROZ says – reply to this


    To sum up, these are all the names that Eddie calls Leann, I”ll be back with more…
    Leann's excuses-Leann lied when she had to cancel her concerts, she wasn't sick
    Old Hen Leann
    Leann the Stewing Hen
    Leann & Stimpy-his nickname for Leann and Darrell
    Poison Pen Leann
    Booby Hatch Leann
    John Leann-Leann pays Eddie for sex
    Shady Leann
    Conehead Leann
    1/2 Whit Leann
    Now & Then Leann-Eddie hates having sex with Leann
    Say it again Leann-Eddie pretends that he doesn't hear his phone when Leann calls him
    Hoser Leann
    LROZ=Leann Rimes
    Leann is LROZ
    LROZ is Leann
    Goony Leann
    Pigpen Leann
    Leann loves LROZ
    Leann = obsessed with excuses because she said that Eddie is having an affair with Leann's friend Kiki
    The Real Leann
    Officially Leann-Leann has many fake accounts
    The 1 & only Leann-Le has many fake accounts
    Leann the Cow
    Self-important Leann
    Vain Leann
    Superbore Leann
    Impostor Leann-Leann uses fake accounts
    Doofus Leann
    LeAnn loves Gwen
    Leann is Lisa
    Leann Lisa AMEJEAN
    ^Escaped Lunatic LeAnn^