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Wave If You're Pooping In A Russian Toilet! Official Admits To Bathroom Video Surveillance!

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russia bathroom surveillance

Russia's Sochi Winter Olympics are plagued with problems, especially when it comes to living conditions — but this is just outrageous!

Apparently people are being spied on in the bathroom with video surveillance!!

This isn't just some rumor, either! It was accidentally admitted by a Russian official Dmitry Kozak, the deputy prime minister responsible for the Olympic preparations!

He was pretty upset about everyone complaining about the conditions — which we've seen proof of on twitter, even though he says the proof is fabricated.

Here's what he said:

"We have surveillance video from the hotels that shows people turn on the shower, direct the nozzle at the wall and then leave the room for the whole day."


That means someone's watching you shower AND poop!

After he said that, an aide pulled the reporter away more follow up questions could be asked!

The aide quickly said:

"We're doing a tour of the media center."

We're not sure what's more offensive: them spying on you, or them putting the effort and money into making sure the surveillance worked when nobody had running water and hotels weren't finished!

Probably the spying one.


Now a Russian spokesperson is claiming there's no surveillance and nothing was ever said to that effect.

The spokesperson said that:

"no such thing was ever said."

He also said that there's surveillance at entrances to hotels, and some in rooms during construction, but:

"But never the bathrooms. You can check yourself."

So someone gave a tip on how to check yourself — but at this point, they probably were in your rooms and removed them already!


We also feel bad for the Russians that have to watch the video feeds of people taking the train to brown town! Yuck!

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4 comments to “Wave If You're Pooping In A Russian Toilet! Official Admits To Bathroom Video Surveillance!”

  1. annainparis says – reply to this


    They spy on men looking for mices! lol!!! They do the same thing in Cuba!!!

  2. 2

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  3. 3

    why pick on russia? the nsa is listening to every phone conversation, text, email you send. remember the russians have snowden and he knows what the us government is doing so I wouldn't get all hot and bothered by the russians when the nsa is doing the same stuff.

    I don't even trust or believe the American "junolist" they LIE. they're pissed about the queers and their pissed the world no longer looks to the girlie man in the white house they look to putin. sad but true. the most powerful man in the world is putin, obama is weak and the whole world knows it.

  4. 4

    It would explain the wires in the shower