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Blondie Swiftly Turns Down Sochi Winter Olympics' Invitation! Read Their EPIC Rejection HERE!!!

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The Sochi Winter Olympics have been mired in controversy since it seems like forever! Mostly because of Russia's insane anti-LGBT laws!

Which is why the band Blondie gave the Olympic organizers a big N-O when they offered the iconic band a borsht load of money to play a concert one of the nights of the Olympics!

The band's front-lady Debbie Harry shared on Twitter a photo of the offer, and Blondie's response was amazing! On the offer's sheet - they wrote in black marker: "Pass. Human Rights".

Here's what Debbie said on Twitter, too:

"#pass4humanrights #Sochi2014"

We LOVE it when folks keep their principles intact for their embedded beliefs! It gives us so much hope!

We also hope all of this attention will shed some light on the plight of LGBT people in Russia who face all sorts of horrendous persecution on a daily basis. Maybe when this is all said and done - some much needed changes will be brought about.

Which is why we salute our proverbial hats to Blondie for standing up for human rights!!!

Check out Blondie's amazing rejection note down (below) !!!

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20 comments to “Blondie Swiftly Turns Down Sochi Winter Olympics' Invitation! Read Their EPIC Rejection HERE!!!”

  1. 1

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  3. 3

    I have no idea who this is. I watch to support our athletes.

  4. Blizzard says – reply to this


    I support gay rights but I would not call russia's laws "INSANE" (that doesnt mean that i agree with them). Thats a strong exaggeration. Their law is "dont teach our children about non traditional sex relationships. Keep your 'i have two daddies' books to yourselves. ". Thats a stupid law but INSANE? Stupid and insane arent the same thing. ABUSIVE OF HUMAN RIGHTS? Insane is africa and the middle east. Nevermind gay marriage. They prosecute people for having gay sex in most of those countries. THAT is insane. Russia's law is merely stupid. If blondie was a person of CONSISTENT conviction, she'd walk to work or ride a bike to the store. When you buy middle eastern products, you are financially supporting the most anti gay and anti human rights regimes on earth (not that all oil comes from the middle east).
    I'd say boycott african products too but… what african products? I've never seen the label "made in Ghana".

  5. 5

    Hey Perez, when writing about the Olympics, why not focus on the amazing athletes instead of washed up has beens making political statements in desperate attempts to sound relevant?

    The Olympics is supposed to be about putting aside politics.

    Celebrities "boycotting" the Olympics aren't making a statement about human rights in Russia. (Come on Blondie, Madonna, and Cher turning down offers to perform isn't going to change the policy, no matter how highly they think of themselves). What they are really saying is that they couldn't care less about supporting the U.S. team because there's way more publicity in pretending they can change Putin's mind.

  6. 6

    The USA still practices capital punishment. Most of the world would consider this a human rights violation. I don't agree with Russia's anti-gay stance, but American's are hardly in a position to judge.

  7. 7

    Re: Blizzard – Hum…. What exactly are you trying to say ? (Keep at it, I'm sure you'll get somewhere.)

  8. 8

    The opening ceremony was beautiful. Its embarrassing listening to our government and the news people diss the Russians at their games. who does this? the Russians spent 50 billion dollars to host and all we hear are the negatives. So what, a problem here and there. fix it, get over it. the media has ruined the games along with the queers.

    the russians don't need blondie.

    Congrats to the Russian people, some of us here in America are praying for you and the games. God Bless. Our media seems invested in bad news from Sochi.

  9. 9

    Re: shaygirl1309 – I agree. Kudos to Sochi. The Olympics is about sports - it is not a time for politics.

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – Agree on the negative coverage. Hearing the shameful remarks from the talking heads makes me wonder why their azzes aren't fired. The games shouldn't be politicized and I want impartial coverage. If they can't stop their propaganda, I turn them OFF, and that's not good for sponsors.

  11. Blizzard says – reply to this


    Re: overthere – Hum…. What exactly are you trying to say ? (Keep at it, I'm sure you'll get somewhere.)

  12. Blizzard says – reply to this


    I couldnt say what i was TRYING to say. I was trying to beat around the bush. But since I have been challenged.. I shall say what i was TRYING to say: BULLY WHITE COUNTRIES LESS AND BULLY ARAB COUNTRIES AND AFRICAN COUNTRIES MOOOOOREEE. The list of human rights abuses in modern day arab/african countries FAAAAR exceeds that of any modern day white country but the world FIXATES on perceived human rights abuses in WHITE countries while turning a blind eye to the horrific list of abuses of the tanner world. The last time society did that was during south africa's apartheid era. Society fixated on that former "white" country and completely ignored that there were 100,000+ black slaves in mauritania (all of whom were considered inheritable property). Why did mauritania get away with an act that is 1000x more evil than apartheid was (apartheid was evil too but it was not slavery)? Society ignores tan evil. Its not white enough to attract attention. Now its ignoring tan evil again. "russia russia russia". In the meantime, one black president in africa threatened to behead homosexuals. Who was it? Nobody but me knows. I dont ignore tan evil.

  13. blizzard says – reply to this


    When I first heard about this "horrific anti gay russian law"… I didnt know what the law was exactly. I assumed it was something HORRIBLE like "government sanctioned and instituted beheadings of gays" or "hangings of gays" or "the arrests of gays for being gay" or "20 year prison sentences for man on man suck action". But then i researched it and all it was was a law that says "dont teach non traditional sexual values to our underage children" and "no gay parades in moscow. And i thought "THAT IS EVIL? I've been mislead. I think i'll go back to reading about gay beheadings in africa.". Puuuuuuutin is a devout christian and that is where his thought process comes from. The bible. Society wants its cake an eat it too. It wants religion but not the teachings that come with it. His views are a product of christianity not … evil per se.

  14. blizzard says – reply to this


    There are millions of christians in america who dont want sex education taught to heterosexual children. There have been movements to outlaw the teaching of sex ed to underage school children with horrible anti heterosexual laws.

  15. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: blizzard – I think you need some cool aide dude. For one, stop globalizing when talking about Africa. Shit stinks worldwide so get outta your cave and talk about something really relevant. Thanks

  16. blizzard says – reply to this


    Re: chillax62 – "stop globalizing"?? what does that even mean? "shit stinks worldwide"…. do NOT Pretend that white countries are as fucked up as african or arab countries. We have made mistakes in the past but we apparently learn from our mistakes. Africans do NOT learn from their mistakes. They are still practicing slavery and clitorectomies. We've done a MUCH better job at creating advanced humane civil societies than black men or arab men have done. MUCH better. There is a reason blacks and arabs are more likely to immigrate to white countries than the other way around. Two of those men didnt create something worth immigrating to (and arabs are so supremacist in their religion, they dont even want "inferior religions" in their countries anyways. I'd move to the arab world LONG before sub-Saharan africa, though. "get out of my cave"? i've been to more countries in the world than you can ever DREAM of being to. I've been to every continent that isnt frozen except south america (the highest homicide rate continent). I've spent entire summers in africa as a kid (my parents did volunteer charity work there for "brownie points from god"). I could write a book about tan african evil. Evil that gets a pass and ignored. I'd rather live in cave with bats than most african countries. Most people dont even know the congo genocide is still going on but the target is no longer "tutsis". Its "anybody with two feet".

  17. blizzard says – reply to this


    I'll let you have the last whine. I'm done with this thread.

  18. Winston says – reply to this


    Strange comments. An Olympic games is virtually always a political statement by the host country. Saying that Russia's anti-gay laws are allegedly "not so bad" or that politics should just be ignored at an Olympic games is ridiculous reasoning. And the fact remains that no band that played at the Sochi Olympics could do so oblivious to the issues involved. The Sochi Olympics are an extension of Putin's Russia and inevitably the laws it recently enacted. Debbie Harry has ties to the gay community that are longstanding. And regardless the band would have been eviscerated if they showed up.

    As to being "has-beens", ageism aside Blondie is in the R&RHF, is still relevant to contemporary music, just played Time Square on New Year's Eve, just won an award from NME, were just a hit at the Amnesty Int. concert and were invited to play at the Olympics. Not bad for has-beens.

  19. Blizzard says – reply to this


    Re: Winston – "Olympic games is virtually always a political statement by the host country"… says who? Says paranoid people who always see a political statement in everything. I always thought the olympics was nothing but a grab to make money via tourism by the host country. I do not view the russian laws as being as evil as BEHEADING gays or locking gays away in prison like 70+ countries currently do. Russia's law is NOT THAT BAD compared to the laws of 70+ other countries. I'm amazed that "anti gay" russia even wants the olympics considering it was invented by ancient greeks where man boy love was considered socially acceptable and was a norm. But, tourist money talks.

  20. blizzard says – reply to this


    I'll let everybody get the last whines. I will just conclude with: I am not anti gay. I support gay rights entirely. Including gay marriage (although I am quite anti marriage in general)