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George Zimmerman Fight BACK ON With NO GLOVES And NO RULES! Get The Deadly Deets HERE!

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george zimmerman fight back on

A part of us wondered how DMX would fair against George Zimmerman in the ring — but a bigger part of us was way more offended that people would label Zimmerman as a celebrity for killing a teen boy who was minding his own business.

So when we heard the fight was canceled, we were kinda relieved!

Well… not anymore!

The fight is BACK on — and it's worse than we thought. The new fight will have NO gloves and NO rules.

Oh, and it could possibly be to the death. They just need everyone to sign back on for it, because this time there's no backing down!

It sounds a lot like Fight Club, but worse. Especially when you hear what the platform owner Alki David said as to what would happen if George kills his opponent:

"That's a really good question. It's an excellent question. The point is not to get somebody killed at all. There's more likelihood of death in boxing than bare-knuckle fighting."

Sounds like a dodge to us!

It'll be inneresting to see whether or not anyone takes up this offer!

Oh, and as if it matters — all proceeds will go to charity. We're not sure what kind of charity would want that money, but we'll cross that bridge soon enough!

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7 comments to “George Zimmerman Fight BACK ON With NO GLOVES And NO RULES! Get The Deadly Deets HERE!”

  1. keyth says – reply to this


    I honest to god think you should stick to gossip you dumb, stupid , no talent idiot.
    It's ok to have an opinion Perez but you honestly say a lot of shit for someone who sits behind a computer. Zimmerman was found NOT guilty-get over it !

  2. 2

    Re: keyth – Yeah, not guilty does not mean innocent and Perez can write about anything and anyone. Innocent people don't intentionally put themselves in the public eye in this way; they try to keep their life as normal as possible. And it's not like he's broke, he has people paying all his bills. Remember when he felt like his life was in danger while fighting trayvon and this fight won't make him look any better.

  3. 3

    Re: keyth – It's incredibly rude to tell someone to get over something that you obviously don't care about. If you don't like what he writes then YOU can click the X button.

  4. keyth says – reply to this


    Perez has ZERO talent in journalism and pokes his pg face into issues that he does NOT fully investigate. He just churns out idiotic blithering infantile random thoughts. Thats why you don't see him on CNN, Fox or any other news organizations. The only time anyone seeks out his opinion is if concerns gossip and the odd gay issue.
    I never said he counddn't state his opinion, never said that. It's just I have no other words for him other than he is a true ,dumb, stupid idiot. And no I won't leave this site.

  5. karen says – reply to this


    When I've asked the few people I know who think the Zimmerman verdict was right, none of them thought Martin was doing anything wrong when Zimmerman first saw him so for them what happened would be considered a tragic mistake. The fact that Zimmerman wants to make money off it is disgusting & should be against the law. Anyone who pays to see this even if it's to see him get beaten up, should be ashamed of themselves. He gets part of that money you're paying.

  6. 6

    If you bothered to read the first ad this scumball put out it said "a percentage of the profits" will go to charity. What do you want to bet that he will keep most of it because he doesn't have a freaking job and has no money.

  7. jared noble says – reply to this


    this article is bad, you stink.