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Olympic LGBT Protestors In Russia Released By Police After Being Told To “Suck Their C***s”

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russian lgbt protestors detained

We spoke at length about the handful of protestors that had been picked up and arrested in Red Square and St. Petersburg in Russia, and how they were peacefully demonstrating by holding banners reminding Russia of the Olympic code on tolerance.

Those protestors have been released, but not until they allegedly had been properly beaten and verbally abused.

One of the detainees released early, a Swedish protestor, managed to send this transcript of texts she was sending and receiving from the still captive Russian protestors while they were locked up:

Text message from me: We didn’t sign anything. Are you all still there?
From them: Yes, in cage. They beated [sic] two of us
Me: oh no, who? What can we do? Can you keep reporting? Are all of you in the same cage?
Them: Two queers. Before that they took us upstairs and said that we have to “suck their cocks” and that we have to be burned. When we said that we gonna complain. So they bring us back to cage. So we dont let them close it without paper, pen and their names. So they beat two of us and then used cuffs
Them: Yes we are together. Now we are singing
New text from them: They beated [sic] our people again - cause we asked to let our public defender come to us. They didnt give us any docs

That's… that's horrifying! We're glad they wound up getting released! (Also, why didn't the cops take their phones??)

Luckily, none of them were severely harmed, but one of the protestors said that two arms were almost broken by closing the door of the cage on them, and one of the protestors was also allegedly choked by an officer.

The other horrifying aspect to this story is that the cops new about the protest even before it really started, leading to them believing that their phones had been tapped! They even changed the location thirty minutes before starting!


The International Olympic Committee is totally cool with the arrests. Here's what Emmanuelle Moreau, the IOC’s head of media relations, said:

“We understand that the protesters were quickly released. As in many countries in the world, in Russia, you need permission before staging a protest. We understand this was the reason that they were temporarily detained.”

That's some bullshizz when you read what happened to them!

It sounds pretty awful over there for TOLERANT and loving people!


Watch the police breaking up the group in Red Square (below)!

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10 comments to “Olympic LGBT Protestors In Russia Released By Police After Being Told To “Suck Their C***s””

  1. CanadianM says – reply to this


    I HIGHLY doubt this is accurate…I call B.S. Also, you previously posted a photo showing that the protesters were topless…they would be arrested in any country, I wouldn't call that "peaceful demonstration". It's called public nudity and it's illegal. This is garbage. Focus on the athletes, not this made up attention-seeking crap.

  2. 2

    Re: CanadianM – I totally agree. And what do you expect the IOC to do about it? If the IOC were to take a stand on human rights issues, there would be no where to have the Olympics that would be acceptable to everyone. I can't think on one country that doesn't have human rights issues.

  3. CanadianM says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – Exactly, good point.

  4. I swear, I'm not Pere says – reply to this


    These Russians are no longer "the worthy son of the fatherland" but quite the opposite. They have become a people of brigands, retrograde in their ideas and governed by organized criminals!

  5. CanadianM says – reply to this


    Secondly, Perez why don't you share the story of the American coach of the Canadian ski team that helped out the Russian athlete with the broken ski…maybe share something positive for once! And true, at that.

  6. squidoo says – reply to this


    As if American cops are any different. Do you think you get offered tea and crumpets when those assholes decide to hold you. You're having a laugh, or more than likely, you're an idiot.

  7. 7

    If there's one thing I've learned from Perez Hilton it's that gays lie.

  8. CJ says – reply to this


    GOOD. They should have been arrested for acting like idiots.

  9. 9

    So Russian police wants to men to suck their c**s? Talk about gay!


    Seriously though, shame on IOC for not condemning these protests. I just hope that they realize what a big f*cking mistake choosing a Russian city is for the Olympics. Unless they want to receive worldwide condemnation, the IOC should NEVER pick a Russian city or any country with anti-gay laws as an Olympic venue. NEVER.

  10. Hipsta Please says – reply to this


    perez, you lying piece of shit. these protesters were NAKED in the central square of the CAPITAL city, what did you expect from the police of ANY country??? also these texts are FAKE, i'll never believe the police didn't take their phones.