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Biggest Loser's Winner Rachel Frederickson Admits She Was "Too Enthusiastic" With Her Training!

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biggest loser rachel frederickson says she was too enthusiastic about training

Over the past week, The Biggest Loser's winner Rachel Frederickson has maintained that she's perfectly healthy after she revealed a shocking 155 pound weight loss on the show's finale!

However, in a recent interview she admitted that she may have gone a bit too far with her training regimen!

Rachel says in the three months leading up to the live finale she maintained a diet of 1,600 calories and worked out a total of 6 hours a day!! She says:

"Maybe I was a little too enthusiastic in my training to get to the finale."

When asked about her eating habits, Rachel says she's "very, very healthy" despite her extreme exercise routine!

The show's executive producer Dave Broome says her health was monitored throughout the season as well as the three months leading up to the finale and she passed every test with flying colors!

Rachel's trainer Dolvett Quince previously spoke out in support of her weight loss, however, even he admits he was a bit shocked when he first saw her:

"The first thing that went through my mind was, 'That's just too much.'"

As we've pointed out before, standing at 5'4", Rachel's new 105 pound frame is technically 18 pounds below what doctor's consider healthy for her size and it definitely sounds like she was pushing herself a bit too hard leading up to the finale.

Hopefully Rachel manages to find a way to hold on to all of the healthy habits she picked up on the show while also giving herself a little break from her extreme training!

[Image via Trae Patton/NBC.]

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5 comments to “Biggest Loser's Winner Rachel Frederickson Admits She Was "Too Enthusiastic" With Her Training!”

  1. 1

    6 HOURS a day… a LITTLE too enthusiastic???? She's screwed in the mind. And she'll convince other whack jobs that it's "healthy" to over-exercise. Sad and pathetic.

  2. 2

    do you know ANY girl in hollywood that weighs more than her? btch please

  3. Kansas says – reply to this


    It is entirely possible to become addicted to exercise. Although there isn't a name for it, it can be classified as a behavioural addiction or compulsion.
    People addicted to exercise become addicted to the endorphins and state of euphoria after exercise.
    Given Rachel was very heavy - and most likely addicted to FOOD before she began her stint on The Biggest Loser - I'd have to guess that she simply traded one addiction for another.
    Six hours a day might be considered acceptable for someone training for an athletic event, or for a career athlete, but what happens when Rachel's compulsion starts to interfere with her day to day life; her job, relationships, holidays?
    And what happens should she face an important health issue in the future? Studies have shown that those addicted to exercise will often push through with their compulsion, even IF they are sick or weakened due to a health crisis… making things worse.
    And IF they are completely unable to exercise for some reason, their addictions can then be transferred to something else.
    I hope someone is keeping an eye on her. I don't like the sound of this one bit.

  4. 4

    This is why I HATE The Biggest Loser. They promote an entirely unhealthy way to lose weight and then things like this happen. There is nothing healthy about working out 6 hours a day with such a low calorie intake…nothing. They should be coming out and making it clear that this is NOT a healthy way to lose weight, especially when already a healthy weight. The only people that should be working out that much are serious athletes, and their calorie intake is exceedingly high.

  5. 5

    There is a name for this, its is called EXERCISE BULEMIA. It is a type of EATING DISORDER in which the individual exercises for many hours to burn the food instead of purging (throwing up). It is viewed as more "acceptable" because exercise is "healthy" right?? NOT FOR 6 freaking hours a day!!! She was burning the 1600 calories she ate, and more. Purging through exercise is an eating disorder, period. The Biggest Loser puts people in an unrealistic setting, it is not the real world with stress, jobs, bills, kids, marriage, fast food, grocery stores, and life problems.

    Compulsive exercise can cause:
    •Damage to tendons, ligaments, bones, cartilage, and joints
    •Destruction of muscle mass
    •Amenorrhea, which is the loss of a menstrual cycle
    •Too much stress on the heart and HEART ATTACK
    Compulsive exercise requires medical treatment and/or therapy!