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TSA Agent Embarrasses Cancer Survivor Who Has To Wear Adult Diapers! Shame!

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man with cancer humiliated tsa agents adult diaper

Wow! This is truly a TERRIBLE story!

A woman and her husband were recently flying out of a small airport when they were humiliated by some TSA security agents!

The 36-year-old man had an overactive bladder due to prostate cancer, which his wife said had been gone for three years.

She then went on to describe in detail how completely horrible the frequent travelers’ experience was when going through security because he wears an adult diaper! She said in an anonymous post:

“Never an issue until last week. While waiting in the security line he had a strong bladder spasm and and a large release of urine into the diaper. After he emerged from the scanner the TSA officer (a female) asked if he was carrying liquids in his clothing. He explained his condition and what had happened. In the past, it was embarrassing enough for him to just tell a TSA employee that I was wearing an adult incontinence garment but now he was also announcing that he had wet himself.) She called over to another (male) officer (the boss, I guess) and explained the situation to him out loud in front of everyone else still going through the line. The problem was he did not understand what an "incontinence product" was when she told him. Myself, DH, and the female TSA employee tried explaining a few times before the woman finally just shouted " HE IS WEARING A DIAPER" which caused pretty much everyone to turn and stare at us (smaller airport so not that many people). The TSA officer then snickered which was almost enough for me to go off but I really didn't want to make an even bigger scene then there already was.

He then told us that the scanner was unable to tell what was under his clothing and that "further review" was required. I asked him what that meant and he asked us to get our bags and follow him. We were taken through an office area into a room in the back. After waiting a couple of minutes 4 new TSA officers(one of which went to college with DH but dropped out his freshman year- still embarrassing to know someone in a situation like this though) came in and one asked DH if he had any liquids in his pants. By now we were both getting quite annoyed with being asked the same question over and over and he replied that he was wearing a diaper and that he had pi—d in it while waiting in their ***** line. Probably wasn't the best idea for him to get that mad but at that point he didn't even care about people knowing he had a medical condition and we just wanted to get out of their.

They then patted him down and asked him to drop his pants when they felt the "suspicious padding" around his waist. After finally seeing the diaper, one of the officers said that he would need to “change out of it” to “clear the issue”. He got his spare brief out of my carry-on, a female officer came up and gave him a large Ziploc bag and they left the room while he changed. She returned, collected the bag with the wet brief and went off for about 5 minutes. The group of officers then returned and told us that we were cleared and showed us to the door. On a positive note, I must say that all of the TSA agents, except for the one who loudly yelled "he's wearing a diaper" in front of the entire airport security line, were courteous, professional, and apologetic for the intrusion.”

WOW! We are actually speechless after reading that!

Thankfully the next officers were more sensitive to the situation, because we can’t imagine anyone being this rude!

We hope the couple has recovered mentally and emotionally, and that they never have to go through anything like this again!

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5 comments to “TSA Agent Embarrasses Cancer Survivor Who Has To Wear Adult Diapers! Shame!”

  1. s says – reply to this


    fuck those imbiciles. karma is abitch - they will one day know how they made that man feel.

  2. J says – reply to this


    I would have been FURIOUS and made a complaint to ALL of their bosses because regardless of an apology, they can't take back the embarassement they gave to you and your husband. What a shame how rude and inconsiderate people are.

  3. jodhia says – reply to this


    shame there is a grammar error in this story…"he didn't even care about people knowing he had a medical condition and we just wanted to get out of their".

  4. Meena86 says – reply to this


    I'm sure the experience was awful and embarrassing but really, those officer's (Excluding the one rude one) were in a no win situation. Should they just let everyone through who has clear padding under their closed if the person claims to be wearing a diaper?? Because I feel pretty confident in saying that if they let someone through and then the plane was attacked, you would all be pretty quick to blame the officers for not searching them properly. It's a shame that this had to happen, but it is essential to keep people safe

  5. Pffff Please says – reply to this


    Re: jodhia – Are you the grammar police or what? INstead of sympathizing about the issue you are here checking for faults? trying to act like you are more intelligent?? Grammar nazi va!