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Rob Kardashian's Weight Loss Struggle Continues! He's Spiraling Into Depression And Staying Away From Family & Friends!

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rob kardashian weight loss struggle depression sad

Anyone who has ever tried to lose a significant amount of weight knows that it's just as much a mental game as it is a physical game — so we're not shocked to hear that Rob Kardashian's struggles are bringing him down.

It's hard to find willpower and courage when you're depressed in the first place!

Here's what a source told US about it:

"Rob is really depressed. He's not as close with his family right now, and he won't answer a lot of texts and calls from friends."

Not only that, but even with the right tools it's still a struggle:

"Rob has a trainer he's supposedly working out with. But Rob rarely shows up for their sessions. He's not losing any weight. The family is very concerned about him."

We just want Rob to be happy and healthy — and instead of concern, we wish he'd get uplifting support!

Some people can tackle a journey like this alone, while others might need a hand!

You can do it, Rob!

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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12 comments to “Rob Kardashian's Weight Loss Struggle Continues! He's Spiraling Into Depression And Staying Away From Family & Friends!”

  1. Aurora Vaughn says – reply to this


    Here's an idea Kardashians : GET YOUR FAMILY OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT!!! ever thought of that? He prob doesnt want his struggle to be BLASTED FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE… its def a private thing so no wonder why he ignores texts and calls…. HE KNOWS HIS FAMILY IS LOVES THE SPOTLIGHT AND ARE FOLLOWED BY CAMERAS…. get a clue. He prob doesnt want to make a big fuss about it to his family because he knows he is the minority. He doesnt want to be wet blanket for his family and ask them to bak out of the spotlight…because for one he would be disappointed because they would NEVER do it for him. for his wellbeing.and the blow would send him into a further depression. and 2nd and it would put them in a position where they would be hounded by press and put into a situation so bad… like " are you going to get out of the spotlight so you can start mending your family?"…. why do you guys link lamar and khloe couldnt make things work. He obvi wanted to go thru things PRIVATELY with khloe but how could he do that???? so khloe couldnt give him what he wanted and was tired of waiting for him to get better but he was waiting for HER and her family to be in a more private place. I have no doubt in my mind being famous is the root of all of this trouble.

  2. brenda says – reply to this


    Be strong Robert,maybe stop trying to make everyone else happy, who cares what kim and Kris say . You are a beautiful person inside and out.Dont ever forget that, Love yourself.

  3. rbh says – reply to this


    I feel the pain, he's gotta stay strong and just changed. I gained almost 90 pounds in 1.5 year and became very depressed not hanging out or even talking to family and friends. I just started a workout regimen about 2 weeks ago and am changing for the best. Wish there was a way to contact him and show that if I can start to make a change so can he.

  4. Stop says – reply to this


    Leave the poor kid alone. He'll be fine.

  5. Jade In England says – reply to this


    He needs to love himself, having to deal with the constant put downs from family is not good for him. He is perfect just the way he is he just needs to see it…he is living in a world that cares only about appearance. Some girls prefer their men with meat on their bones..me included. We are turning men into women with how they are becoming obsessed with weight and looks. He needs a woman who has got his back and builds him and his self esteem back up. Your gorgeous Robert and any lady who does eventually steal your heart will be the luckiest girl in the world. Happy valentines day :)

  6. Roslyn says – reply to this


    Maybe he's just tired of his mother pimping his sisters out like hoes

  7. Buck says – reply to this


    Adderall will raise his mood and take away good cravings. I lost 20 pounds and kept it off. Changed my life. For real.

  8. Roslyn says – reply to this


    Re: brenda – amen

  9. little momma says – reply to this


    In my opinion, Rob needs to see a therapist first, to get to the root of his depression. Then, and only then will he be ready to deal with and tackle the struggle of his weight loss challenge. The family definitely has the money and resources to get him into a facility with psychiatric help as well as doctors and nutritionists to help him work on him mind and body. You can do it Rod, I'm praying for you!!!! Take time for yourself and get away from TV for a while until you can regroup.

  10. Diane says – reply to this


    My heart breaks for Rob , he is such a good looking guy and seems to be a nice person but is always taking the back seat to his sisters . Maybe if his mother gave him 10% of the attention she gives Kim he wouldn't be so sad and lost. I wish him the best, I hope everything works out for Rob and all good things come his way. Can't wait for the day he is the star in that family and we all say KIM WHO.?

  11. srpgsg says – reply to this


    Iam sorry, but 60 lbs. is a lot easier then someone who has to lose 100 or more lbs. There are so many people who are in worse shape then him. He was crying about it on the show last night…He has so much money that he can hire a cook , nutritionist and private trainer, most people don't have that luxury and have to do it on their own. His mother is so vain about this and that is what is killing her. I believe she is concerned about his health but more concerned about appearance..

  12. De de santos says – reply to this


    If he don't want to go it's his right! They all treat him like shit! Especially Kim. Hey Rob be strong it takes time to lose the weight but you can do it.