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Daredevils Climb World's 2nd Tallest Building & Shoot A Death-Defying Video You Will NEVER Forget!

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Meet Vadim Makharov and Ritaliy Raskalov, two professional badasses.

While traveling through Shanghai last month, they broke into a construction site on the Chinese New Year and did one of the most extraordinary things we have ever witnessed!

They climbed the world's second tallest skyscraper!!!!!

Ch-ch-check out their INCREDIBLE footage for yourself…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Holy f**k nuggets!!!! That was AH-Mazing!

A YouTube video hasn't made our heart race this quickly since since the first Magic Mike trailer went live!!!

The Shanghai Tower, in case you aren't acquainted, is a 120-story, 2,000 ft. tall skyscraper that is expected to be completed later this year.

Congratulations, Vadim and Ritaliy, on cheating death and blowing our minds with the footage!

[Image via Livejournal.]

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4 comments to “Daredevils Climb World's 2nd Tallest Building & Shoot A Death-Defying Video You Will NEVER Forget!”

  1. Red Baron says – reply to this


    Why didn't they jump?

  2. 2

    Why didn't they piss and crap?

  3. 3

    This isn't cool and amazing, this is really dangerous…not just for them either. Clearly, they lived, so thank goodness for that!

  4. chillax62 says – reply to this


    And when one of them falls from that building and dies we'll all be here feeling sorry for them and saying how marvelous they were… pffff