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Chobani Yogurt Banned From Sochi Olympics Is Being Given To The Homeless, But Even They Don't Want It!

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chobani yogurt not getting any love at new york shelters

It looks like Ann Curry and stray dogs aren't the only ones not welcome at the Sochi Olympics!!

Last week, we mentioned that a HUGE shipment of Chobani Yogurt heading to Russia was stalled in New York after they failed to get the proper food and health certifications!

Well the next logical step was to donate the 5,000 plus containers of the snacks to local food shelters and soup kitchens. The only problem is not everyone has a taste for the greek yogurt!

Food Bank For New York City worker Debbie Torres says:

"They look at it and go, 'Eww.' They never ate something like it before. [They] are used to the sweet yogurt. I educate them. I tell them to put some granola in the Chobani… I say, 'Try it!'"

Wow! Chobani just can't get any love, can they??

Of course, not EVERYONE is turned off by the greek yogurt, and New York Senator Chuck Schumer is still looking at the positive side of things:

"While we did not prevail, there is a silver — or gold — lining in the news that the yogurt will be donated to hungry men, women and children in New York and New Jersey."

That's the spirit!!

It's definitely great to see New York putting a positive spin on such a strange story, and while not everyone has a taste for greek yogurt, we're sure some will be happy to just have something to eat!

[Image via Instagram.]

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5 comments to “Chobani Yogurt Banned From Sochi Olympics Is Being Given To The Homeless, But Even They Don't Want It!”

  1. Erisadesu says – reply to this


    first of all….Chobani is not a GREEK yogurt… it is not produced in Greece, not producec by Greek Milk and it is not produced by a Greek.

  2. Justin says – reply to this


    Re: Erisadesu – Actually Greek yogurt doesn't mean that it's made in greek. It's just how it's named.

  3. courtney says – reply to this


    um there is a think called lactose intolerance which means you can't break down dairy products and about 75% of the worlds adult population is in some degree allergic to dairy products. Greek yogurt got it's name from it's consistence not from being produced in Greece and then there are some people who don't eat yogurt from a bad experience with it from their youth

  4. Dan says – reply to this


    Wow! Those are some ungrateful piece of sh**. Like you Are in any position to turn down free food. Jesus.

  5. TN says – reply to this


    Most people don't remember that just this past September Chobani was "voluntarily" recalled for the mold found in their yogurt. Though there isn't a direct link between this mold and the hundreds of cases of food poisoning reported related to their yogurt, this mold was said to potentially cause illness in those with weakened immune systems. They knew there was a problem with the yogurt, they released it anyway, everyone got sick and they continued releasing this puffy, disgusting yogurt and doing ad blitzes to bury the news. I will never trust a brand again and I haven't felt healthy since September. I wish much luck to anyone else who may suffer the same, and I really hope these homeless don't come down ill after getting one of the few free meals available to them. On that note, Dan, what about the water crisis in WV? Would you drink the licorice water, despite it's toxins, because it's (supposed to be) being comped and one of your only sources? They say it's probably safe despite definitely being contaminated (though even Russia made it clear to not use the toxic water). Just food for thought :)