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Beyoncé's Slim-Down Secrets Exposed! Her Trainer Spills Which Method Actually Provided TRUE Results!

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Before we heard what Beyoncé's trainer had to say about how he got her to slim down, we just would've assumed it was from riding Jay Z's surfbort.

You know, just grainin' on that wood!


Turns out, that's only part of the equation — and it actually took a LOT of hard work to see her in the shape we all peep'd at the Grammys!

Bey's trainer and nutritionist, Marco Borges, has no qualms in revealing the secrets… and yes, it has everything to do with the 22 Days vegan challenge!

Here's what he said:

"They're incredible human beings and we've developed a really beautiful friendship over the last seven years, and we were just talking about the benefits of plant-based nutrition, and health, and life, and I thought, it would be cool if I challenged them to a plant-based breakfast just one meal a day… A couple of months later it was so easy that they decided on their own to come to me and say, 'Hey, you know, your company 22 Days Nutrition, it stands for something that's taking on a new habit over the course of 21 days, and on the 22nd day something new happens, so it would be really cool if we try that challenge ourselves. We want to go plant-based.' And Jay says, 'Yeah my birthday is coming up, and I think it would be really cool, if for my birthday I just did this, like, spiritual health cleanse and I tried something new. … it was amazing."

Wow! It's so cool to get that behind-the-scenes insight!

And obvi it worked! He continued:

"Most people have that imbalance. And it's when they take control of their diet is when they truly take control of their health."

The cool thing is that, yes, this type of challenge is intense, but EVERYONE can do it! Be it the 22 Days or the Whole 30, this kind of re-set to the way you think about food and health is amazing!

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12 comments to “Beyoncé's Slim-Down Secrets Exposed! Her Trainer Spills Which Method Actually Provided TRUE Results!”

  1. lola says – reply to this


    Faking your own pregnancy and losing fake post-pregnancy weight will also help….

  2. 2

    Don't forget corsets, custom-made head-to-toe Spanx suits, and of course, photoshop.

  3. PineappleLadi says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – you reek of jealousy.. PHEWWW. Her body is amazing unlike you, ya fat blob

  4. PineappleLadi says – reply to this


    Re: lola – you sound jealous too, your comments are tired. you don't know her life.. stop

  5. 5

    Re: PineappleLadi – You are right. Her body is amazing, and I am a little jealous. BUT, I also recognize that she gets a lot of help to look her best.

  6. lola says – reply to this


    Re: PineappleLadi – So because I disagree with her lies and call her bulllllshit out I'm jealous? Try harder. Like…way harder….or go pretend to be pregnant and get your surrogate to have your kid for you. LOL!

  7. fafa says – reply to this


    another way to lose weight, don't eat 3 burgzrs in 1 but just one is enough ! don't drink cola , fanta but pure fruit juice and water, move don't eat chocolate, candies, industrial cake ( bake them with just enough sugar) : don't eat too much, keep some !!! not everybody has money to pay someone to tell you what you already know ! that is pure bullshit !!!

  8. drunk in love says – reply to this


    Prove she had a surrogate to carry her child. Get over the fact that Beyoncé was indeed pregnant and she was very fierce while pregnant.

  9. drunk in love says – reply to this


    Prove that Beyoncé fake her pregnancy, I need receipts from hospital/Doctor stating that Beyoncé didn't deliver Blue Ivy. Until then shut the f**k up with this BS about her faking her pregnancy.

  10. fafa says – reply to this


    Re: drunk in love – have you ever been pregnant ! you morron ! me yes, 4 times and i'm not that fat, find another proof, she is fat point bank ! you gonna tell us all those years before, she was pregnant too ! damn ! she maybe had a miscariiage ! years ago, but she always been fat she just want to sell her shit diet, that's all !

  11. Connor Raus says – reply to this


    What a fucking plug for this guy's program. I'm a vegan so whatever but whatever too! ;)

  12. Julia Rosa says – reply to this


    Losing weight and wanting to is not enough.
    Many people don't realize, the success comes a lot from your mind. Where your mind is, is where your body is going to follow.

    You have to eat, breathe, sleep your goal(s) in life.
    Do you have a picture of what you want to look like? Grab a picture from the internet of a body that you want to strive for and paste your head on it. Put this picture in at least 3 places in your home that you see every day. Make sure it's in front of you always.
    Become more conscious of your decisions. What you put in your mouth, what you put in your head.

    I am doing a program just for women that I found at Excellent support as well from other women who have done this lifestyle program.