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SICK! Pizza Hut Employee Got Caught Doing What In The Kitchen??? You Might Not Want To Watch This If You're Eating!

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Pizza Hut should rebrand themselves PEE-za Hut after this disgusting employee!

We'd say it's a bad day to be a health code inspector in West Virginia right now, because after seeing a video like this… well, we'd wonder what else is going on in restaurants around the state!

Above is a surveillance video of a district manager (who obviously got the job for reasons other than deserving it) urinating in the kitchen sink of a Pizza Hut in Kermit, West Virginia.

The incident actually happened a few weeks ago, but the video was just released.

And the DM relieving himself? He handles SIX restaurants.

Here's what Pizza Hut had to say about it:

"Pizza Hut has zero tolerance for violations of our operating standards, and the local owner of the restaurant took immediate action and terminated the employee involved. While the isolated incident occurred during non-business hours and did not involve any food tampering, we follow strict safety and handling procedures and the restaurant has since been closed permanently. We apologize to our customers of Kermit, West Virginia and those in our system who have been let down by this situation."

That's a bummer for Kermit!

We wonder how Miss Piggy feels.



P.S. — We wish things like this didn't happen all the time in places where people eat food!

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6 comments to “SICK! Pizza Hut Employee Got Caught Doing What In The Kitchen??? You Might Not Want To Watch This If You're Eating!”

  1. linda says – reply to this


    This is not even true what Pizza Hut said!!! I worked there for a year, on my first day the garlic oil they put ion the bread sticks had a fly a bee and several gnats in it i asked where the fresh oil was to change it the guy i asked said why, that oil is still good just make sure the flies don't get on the bread…….)BTW i changed the oil and disregarded what he said and told him no i think that is gross he said well go ahead if you want
    ) it didn't get any better form then on…

  2. james says – reply to this


    I can vouch for the Pizza Hut in Minnesota that I've worked at for over 9 years. SUPER clean, and everything is by-the-book! There are surprise inspections all the time and we've never had a citation.

  3. HoldTheAnchovies says – reply to this


    Re: james

    What's the big deal. It's not like he's peeing on the pizza. Don't be so uptight Pizza Hut

  4. 4

    Never cared for their pizza, even Domino's is better. Sadly my favorite local pizza place, Z Pizza, closed a couple of years ago, used to order a pizza from them evey Friday along with what they call dipping sticks (soft breadsticks with cheese on them).

  5. jeez says – reply to this


    I actually know more than I will disclose about this situation and the sad thing is this dude was a wicked good manager…he was also a very sick diabetic…but the disappointing part is noone will ever know that or that he blacked out alot…its a good thing though maybe he will retire now once the media finds a new witch hunt…

  6. ACETA says – reply to this


    The RAGE franchise deserves what it gets They run especial dirty, unsanitary restaurants especially in Asheville NC. They treat their management and employees bad and PHI should audit all of their stores, not just focus on this incident.

    PHI get off your butt and look in to this RAGE franchise. They are old school" and should be disfranchised.