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Five Guys Restaurant Employee "Accidentally" CCs Customer On Complaint Email Calling Him A Douche!

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Quick — is whining about not getting all the fries you ordered justified or just a big ol' douche thing to do?

If you work at Five Guys, you're probably seething at how annoying it is to have to handle a douche like that. The rest of us, though, can totally relate to not getting all of our delicious french fries.

The pic (above) is an email that was accidentally sent to a dissatisfied customer — and it's as hilarious as it is a gross business practice!

The story along with it goes like this: there's a dude in Massachusetts named John, and John loves Five Guys' food. He and his coworkers order from there a lot, usually online. It's more efficient that way, duh.

One day, the world started to end — and John was charged for fries he never received. So he filed a complaint online, and as far as we know, it was pretty polite.

The response was also polite! They offered to credit the money back, plus a gift card.

The problem is that the gift card could only be used in person, and not on the Five Guys website. Which really doesn't seem like a big deal to us… because they didn't have to give him the extra gift card at all. They could've just squared away with either the fries or the money he was owed.

John then went ahead and complained about not being able to use the card online.

That's when the restaurant's district manager angrily emailed another employee, accidentally sending it back to John as well (which is what you see above)!

The email read:

"This is from the guy about the online order screwup. This guy is a perfect example of why this world is f*cked. What a complete a**hole. I'm speechless over this douche. All of this over missing fries. F*ck him and his tool office mates."

Now, a Five Guys rep from HQ had to step in! Here's what John said:

“She has given me a couple of proposals to win back my group’s business."

Luckily, John believes in second chances.

Also the power of whining.

[Image via AP Images, Inset via Neil Conway/Flickr.]

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