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Colorado Made HOW MUCH From Weed Taxes?? Should All Other States Be Doing This?? Get The Leafy Green Deets HERE!

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colorado gains tons of money from legalization of weed

Duuuude! That's an awful lot of green!!

Colorado broke new ground earlier this year when it became the first state to start legally selling marijuana, and it's already helped them rake in some SERIOUS dough!

So how much are we talking about here? Try $2 million!!!

That's right! As a state, Colorado has sold more than $14 million worth of sticky icky, earning them a grand total of $2.01 million in taxes! And that's just in the month of January alone!!

Washington also legalized the ganja and will officially begin selling it in the upcoming months, and with staggering results like this, we can't help but wonder if other states will also start puff puff passing on the herbal goodness as well!

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5 comments to “Colorado Made HOW MUCH From Weed Taxes?? Should All Other States Be Doing This?? Get The Leafy Green Deets HERE!”

  1. 1

    Why the f*ck! is there an Marijuana Anonymous just like Alcoholics Anonymous? Because weed is addicting to those with the addiction gene. OMGGGGGGGGG the amount of taxes made from sale of weed will not even cover closely the amount that will be needed for weed rehabilitation of those addicted, weed recov clinics, mental health services, food stamps, on and on. Cripes!!!!!

  2. chas_holman says – reply to this


    Technically it is 3.5 million in January if you include medical sales/registrations into the mix.

    They automatically are mandated to pump the first 40 million dollars every year into the school system.

    Colorado has the right idea.. The person below me writing about all this addiction money they will need, is either very young and ignorant, or too old to remember we already had this conversation with the nation over 40 years ago. Since then we have spent 1.8 TRILLION at just the Federal level and as a result marijuana is easier to get than ever, better than ever, easier to grow than ever, more readily available than ever, 21 states have Medical laws and it is completely legal in two states (with 3 more on the way) and old people like me use it in lieu of much more dangerous and truly addicting narcotics to help manage chronic conditions (bone disease and replacements in my case).

    Anyone who want's 'more of the same' and the keep spending like a drunken sailor to keep jailing a good portion of the population, is both a danger and a menace to society. Far more dangerous to society than silly silly grass ever was.

  3. jesse says – reply to this


    Re: chas_holman – Touche, Chas !! great answer!

  4. jade dale says – reply to this


    IzzyLizzy that's quite ridiculous. If you compare the amount of people who use weed without any addiction problems, with the amount of people who use it and encounter problems, the latter is an almost completely insignificant number. So, if a state/country gets to tax all the weed smoked by those who suffer no addiction problems the money gained would absolutely dwarf the amount needed to cover rehabilitation. You're obviously very naive to how many people smoke weed regularly, which at the moment the state makes no money out of. It's a very logical change in law, that's been a long time coming. And actually, if we use your very own argument "why is there Marijuana Anonymous just like Alcoholics Anonymous," then we should make alcohol illegal too. That worked well last time the U.S tried it, didn't it?

  5. 5

    It's not surprising considering it costs a fortune - $50 an eighth with no discount for buying a larger amount. Addictions will be limited, IzzyLizzy, at those prices.