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Wait, This Is A Coupon For WHAT?? This Is Either The Best Or Worst Thing — YOU Decide!

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Otha's in Brooklyn has a great deal for you!

Saving money is the name of the game, and some people go ALL OUT couponing.

Some spend hours trying to find the best deals, and coupons that will work together to save them the most money. It's all about finding the right clipping.

They'd be kicking themselves if they missed this one:

Otha's in Brooklyn has a great deal for you!

This is a Google Offer from Otha’s in Brooklyn, New York. You're reading it right.

No seriously, you are:

“Free napkins when you buy coffee.”

THEY EVEN PUT A NAPKIN LIMIT. It's 10. You can't have more than 10 free napkins.

We can go in to Arby's and take all the napkins in the world, and we could do it for longer than two months… just kidding, we'd probably stopped eventually! LOLz!

You get our point, though!

So what happens if you spill something and need 11? How much do they cost then? How much do they cost normally?

So many questions! At least they're getting publicity out of it!

[Image via AP Images/Google.]

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3 comments to “Wait, This Is A Coupon For WHAT?? This Is Either The Best Or Worst Thing — YOU Decide!”

  1. Ingaga says – reply to this


    WAIT, this is a picture of WHO ?? This is either a sophisticated subtle hint or ….- YOU decide

  2. Celineiam says – reply to this


    Re: Ingaga
    Angela Merkel german chancellor…. I met her

  3. lena says – reply to this


    hahaha that's funny because in germany its more like "you get free ketchup if you buy french fries… but only one!!" this is definitely the sort of thing i could see happening in germany. still's kind of weird that merkel's being used as the picture