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Dottie Sandusky Goes On TV To Defend Husband & Convicted Child Molester Jerry Sandusky — You HAVE To Hear What She Says!

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This HAS to be denial, it just has to be!

We can think of no other logical explanation why Dottie Sandusky would go on TV, for a 50 minute Today special, and defend her CONVICTED husband. Especially when she makes it seem like he's the victim. That's just a slap in the face to all the actual, molested, victims out there.

Actually, the more we think about it… we understand that she's probably a victim too. People do seemingly crazy things under duress, and she's probably under a lot of it from a man she married and loved for almost 40 years before finding out his dark secret.

Assuming she really didn't know about it, that is. So Matt Lauer sat across from Dottie as she defended her husband.

She said:

"He would have admitted to this if he had done what they have said he has done."

Why? Why would he admit to it had he done it? Is that in a rule book somewhere for child molesters? When you catch them they have to automatically fess up? If he did it, he lied about it for years — why not keep lying?

She even went on to say that his punishment is too severe, saying that he could be in a prison that wouldn't leave him locked up in a cell alone "23 hours a day." She even believes all the witnesses and victims were manipulated into doing so, especially for the payout.

Luckily, Matt didn't just sit idly by. He wasn't mean, or loud, or crass, but he was tough with her.

He even asked her if she had ever asked Jerry flat-out if the allegations were true. She said that she had, but that he had denied them:

"Do I believe him? I definitely believe him because if I didn't believe him because when I testified at trial I could have not said what I said."

People commit perjury all the time, especially if they're willing to commit bigger crimes. Every single one of the victims that came forward were also under oath — by the same logic, wouldn't that mean they could not have said what they did?

She continued:

"I have known Jerry for 38 years. We've been married for 37. We've always been truthful with each other. And he is not guilty of these horrific crimes that he has been charged with."

She even spoke against her son Matt. Seriously. She blamed him for selling some of their stuff on Ebay because of his financial problems, like that was a tell-tale sign of not being truthful about things that happened to him.

So what was it? What was some of the undeniable 'proof' she has that Jerry didn't do this?

That… wait for it… she would have heard him doing so:

"…there was nothing that went on because I was here. I will take you downstairs and let you see the basement is not a dungeon and it's not what those kids said. You can scream and you can hear it up to the second floor."

Wow. Just wow.

She also CONFIRMS that he showered with kids, but denied that it went anything past soap battles between a grown adult and underage kids:

"I believe he showered with kids and that's the generation of kids that Jerry grew up in. And it was not like he was in the locker room or Lasch Building. there were always people coming in and out no matter what time it was. He would shower with our other kids and have soap battles or whatever that was."

Listen, like we said, we totally understand why she might be doing this after having been married to a man for almost forty years she thought she knew, and a convicted child molester for only two. It would be jarring to find out who someone really was that late in the game — who would want the past 40 years to be have been an awful, grotesque lie?

She would probably even have a TON of guilt. Especially if she really really really didn't know it was happening!

IF she's right, though, this would be the biggest failure in our legal system that anyone has ever seen before — and we just don't think that's in the realm of possibility at this point. Why go through with framing Sandusky at all if so many pieces could easily just change their minds and tell the 'truth?' Not everyone saw money from this.

We just hope she can come to terms with what really happened someday, and as she gets older we hope that 'someday' comes quickly… so she can live the rest of her life somewhat free from Sandusky's shadow.

Watch the whole 50 minute interview (below).

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[Image via Today, Insert via AP Images.]

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2 comments to “Dottie Sandusky Goes On TV To Defend Husband & Convicted Child Molester Jerry Sandusky — You HAVE To Hear What She Says!”

  1. 1

    She is disturbing and delusional.

  2. Hadrian says – reply to this


    I bet he misses playing ball.