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Oscar Pistorius' Friend Testifies In Court, Says Oscar Did WHAT With His Gun Before Shooting Reeva?? Report HERE!

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oscar pistorius friend testifies in murder case

Oscar Pistorius' murder trial is continuing to move on in Pretoria, and there's some new information being examined that could definitely hurt his cause.

The former Olympian's friend Darren Fresco took the stand yesterday, and according to him the double amputee sprinter had a history of recklessness with his gun even before Reeva Steenkamp's murder!

The first incident came when Oscar allegedly fired his gun through the roof of a moving car after a run-in with a police officer — and later laughed when Darren asked him if he was angry. Oscar denies shooting the gun in the car, however, and yet two separate witnesses have both testified saying he did.

The second incident came when the former athlete accidentally fired his gun in a crowded restaurant in Johannesburg and asked Darren to take the blame! What!!

Oscar's team once again tried their best to discount the testimony by saying Darren hesitated while answering questions and pointed out that he was following the trial on Twitter, which is a bit of a no-no for witnesses.

Still, if these stories prove to be true, they definitely seem to suggest that Oscar was pretty reckless with his gun even before he took someone's life with it.

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2 comments to “Oscar Pistorius' Friend Testifies In Court, Says Oscar Did WHAT With His Gun Before Shooting Reeva?? Report HERE!”

  1. nfff says – reply to this


    Please stop posting things a day later then everyone else.

  2. Gordon Grieve says – reply to this


    As a South African I can tell you that every television set in the country is on that case, wherever you go, every shop, restaurant and bank. People are watching it like hawks