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The NFL Wants How Many MILLIONS Of Dollars Now From M.I.A. For The Super Bowl Middle Finger??

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mia super bowl middle finger millions of dollars legal restitution 2


There is NO WAY that M.I.A. should have to pay a cent for this shizz, especially when much worse things float around primetime TV constantly!

M.I.A. has been fighting against the NFL while they try and fine her for flippin' the bird during her 2012 Super Bowl half time performance with Madonna — and we thought that if she'd have to pay anything at all, that it would be a negligible sum.

Instead, they want her to pay $16.6 MILLION DOLLARS for doing it!

That's sooooooo stupid. We can barely wrap our minds around it!

They're claiming she breached a pre-show agreement to maintain the NFL's "reputation for wholesomeness," which includes beer commercials with tittays everywhere (along with the cheerleaders), drunk fans, and brutal violence between two teams playing a game for money.

The NFL has been trying for two years now to get $1.5 million from her for the gesture, and the additional $15.1 million was decided as a form of restitution based on the alleged value of exposure she got for being in the show.

Give us a f***ing break here, that means they say the her middle finger's split-second appearance was equal to the most expensive commercial spots that exist on television, which is absolutely absurd.

Especially since it sounds like they're assuming it offended EVERYONE who laid eyes on it, which is certainly not the case!

Here's how M.I.A.'s lawyers responded:

"The claim for restitution lacks any basis in law, fact, or logic. The continued pursuit of this proceeding is transparently an exercise by NFL intended solely to bully and make an example of Respondents for daring to challenge NFL."

The NFL is far from wholesome, and it's laughable that they're trying this. It seems like they're quick to forget recent NFL scandals involving racial slurs and bullying, at the VERY LEAST.

M.I.A.'s response was flawless:

Followed by:


mia super bowl middle finger millions of dollars legal restitution 1

Censorship be crazy, you guys!

Trying to make an example out of her is just so dumb — people will ALWAYS try and slip something past the watchful eye protecting the 'minds of the youth' and the super sensitive party poopers out there.

Equating that split second to a massive television ad spot will in no way hold up. We hope she fights this HARD.

We mean, just look at what those dancers are doing on the stage at the exact same moment as the finger (above). How is that any better?

[Image via Twitter.]

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6 comments to “The NFL Wants How Many MILLIONS Of Dollars Now From M.I.A. For The Super Bowl Middle Finger??”

  1. 1

    Where was their 'reputation for wholesomeness' when they hired Beyonce who was humping the stage in her underwear?

  2. Mike says – reply to this


    Perez, STFU! Your opinion isn't worth shit. Make that whore pay for flipping us off. At least Beyoncé gave a sexy as hell performance…and actually entertained us! MIA is nothing but a loser. She thinks she is all bad ass flipping us off…then can't pay up. Just like you Perez, you are all talk, but you cannot pay or walk the walk.

  3. Shutup says – reply to this


    Perez go home no one cares about you. I hope she has to pay that way we don't ever have to see her again, she is so trashy

  4. @v@ says – reply to this


    What was she thinking.

  5. 5

    Janet Jackson, MIA, Beyonce. There's a pattern here and a simple solution. Don't hire minorities from the Super Bowl halftime show.

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    Somebody please tell MIA that she WANTS fans to buy her records, not alienate them with the finger along with possibly having to pay the FCC or or NFL or whoever 16 million bucks in restitution.