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A Subway Employee Put Her Dirty, Wet, WHAT In The Oven?! Get The Not-So-Fresh Deets HERE!

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subway employee puts wet gloves and socks in bread oven gross

This brings a whole new disgusting meaning to a 'foot'-long sub!!

Subway employee Alice Sykes is stirring up a lot of controversy and turning quite a few stomachs after she decided to use a bread oven as her own personal dryer for her wet socks and gloves in Worcester, England!


If that's not bad enough, it only gets worse as she decided to share the disgusting picture on Instagram for the whole world to see! Customer Jessica Hinton saw the disturbing photo and decided to file a complaint for pretty obvious reasons!!

The manager at the Subway apologized and decided to give her some vouchers. You know, so she could come back again later and spend her money on some of their wet sock-flavored bread!

Alice then made another HUGE misstep when she took to Facebook to apologize to Jessica with a very long string of messages, explaining that she had a long 9-hour shift ahead of her and assured her that they gave he oven a thorough cleaning afterwards.

However, Jennifer says the barrage of messages was "borderline harassment" and says she didn't take Alice's apology seriously since she had yet to take the disgusting photo down from her Instagram account!

Surprisingly enough, the Subway employee STILL has a job making sandwiches! The company is currently looking into the incident to get all of the facts straight, though, so we might see some sort of punishment yet!

Until then, we think it's safe to say Jennifer is a Quiznos gal now!

[Images via Alice Sykes/Instagram Facebook]

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7 comments to “A Subway Employee Put Her Dirty, Wet, WHAT In The Oven?! Get The Not-So-Fresh Deets HERE!”

  1. 1

    Jessica or Jennifer? Anyway, Jane was not happy with Janine.

  2. Aurora Vaughn says – reply to this


    Is it Jessica or Jennifer Hinton? It was Jessica above and Jennifer at the bottom. One of my pet peeves is finding mistakes and errors on websites, especially ones that are reporting "news". come on, dude.

  3. kandycane says – reply to this


    We need to starting giving these people and employers fines. This would stop. I no llonger eat at fast food place because this is the new fad. Get take out at chopsgrill. Its a few dollars more for peace of mind

  4. Finlay says – reply to this


    I'm quite concerned to how she still has her job, when there is evidence showing what she has done! I think this is disgusting and it really will make me think in future whether to buy fast-food or just prepare my own lunch. I am totally put of by this.

  5. not me says – reply to this


    this doesn't really bother me. people's homes are much more disgusting than an oven that's had some wet socks and gloves in it and was CLEANED. people like to complain just to complain.

  6. Rambo says – reply to this


    Re: not me – Agreed. Look how filthy Mexico is. People eat food from there all the time.

  7. 7

    its winter there she needed them dry give her a break