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Seriously?! Study Shows Men Treated Faster Than Women When They Show Up At The Hospital After A Heart Attack!

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Are you having a heart attack? You better hope you have a penis to go along with it!

For real! A new study shows that men get treated faster than women when they arrive at the hospital showing signs of heart problems!

What the hellz?!?

The numbers don’t lie! When women experienced acute heart pains, they ended up waiting longer than men for treatments which potentially put them at risk!

29% of women received an electrocardiogram in less than 10 minutes, compared to 40% of men! And when it came to getting clot-busting drugs, 32% of women received the life-saving meds while 60% of men did!

So was this just flat out medical misogyny?!

Not exactly.

It actually has to do with the lack of understanding we STILL HAVE in women’s heart disease, and the difference in symptoms between female and male patients!

For example, women often times do not experience chest pain while having a heart attack, which leads to doctors looking elsewhere for what is causing the problem! Ahh!

The solution: doctors need to be more mindful of WHAT it looks like when a lady is having a heart attack, as well as women telling their nurse or doctor that they think the problem is heart related ASAP!

Because when you’re having a heart attack, time is a precious thing!

Here’s hoping hospitals work on getting women the treatment they need faster!

We need more research, stat!!

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One comment to “Seriously?! Study Shows Men Treated Faster Than Women When They Show Up At The Hospital After A Heart Attack!”

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    I had chest pains and they spent 10 minutes asking if my spouse beat me.. NO.. I'm having chest pains.. they did the electrical current thing through your toes and said I was fine it was indigestion… I said here?? pointing over my heart clearly VERY left from my esophugus and he goes well no.. have a nice day. I still have these pains actually.. went to the dr high cholesterol, super high blood pressure (just took it at home and it's at 140/102 which is less) can't lose weight (insulin resistance and on metformin).. and he said I was fine. seriously. this pain is giving me anxiety. It's distracting pinpoint pain over my heart. They just don't care about us girls