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New "Miracle" Sugar Substitute Has No Calories, No Carbs, And Is 100% Natural! But Is It Too Good To Be True??

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zero calorie sugar might be too good to be true

It looks like Lydia from Breaking Bad may have been onto something!!

Of course, we're not talking about her poor business decisions of partnering up with meth dealers and deranged murderers! We're talking about her obsession with stevia!!

As it turns out, the sugar substitute might be the answer to all of our prayers as research shows it has no calories, no carbohydrates, and it's totally natural!

Stevia is also said to be about 250 to 300 times sweeter than normal sugar, meaning we can get much more bang for our buck if it starts being used sugary drinks, and it has the potential to drastically lower their calorie levels!

Naturally, this "miracle" sugar is prompting many to ask if it's too good to be true, and the jury still seems to be out on that one.

Sprite has already jumped on the stevia bandwagon, but other soda companies are a little more hesitant due to the fact that the ingredient is known to sometimes have a bitter aftertaste!

Doctors have also noted that while sugar substitutes can drastically reduce your calorie intake, it can also play a nasty trick on your brain! Simply put, when most of us use artificial sweeteners, our body is STILL expecting to have to process sugar and calories releases insulin accordingly! Strangely enough, this confusion has the potential to actually make us GAIN weight!

Last but not least, doctors have noted that when people switch over to diet drinks or sugar substitutes such as stevia, there tends to be a misconception that they have the freedom to eat whatever they want and tend to overindulge!

A lot of research is still being done on the potential health benefits of stevia, but for now most researchers would agree that cutting back on sugary drinks and foods is still the best way to lose weight and get healthy!

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2 comments to “New "Miracle" Sugar Substitute Has No Calories, No Carbs, And Is 100% Natural! But Is It Too Good To Be True??”

  1. 1

    That's nothing new - Stevia is a very old sweetener!

  2. Ruth says – reply to this


    Stevia is NOT an artificial sweetener. It is made from a plant from South America. It does not spike blood sugar and is SAFE for diabetics. It also has FIBER. ARTIFICIAL sweeteners are horrible for you. Aspartame cause cancer in lab rats. Sucralose, aka SPLENDA RUINS your LIVER. It is made with chlorine. They are also addictive and people have withdrawls such as feeling bad and horrible headaches. Stevia is GOOD for you!