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Real Life Walter White BANNED From Teaching After Cops Find Multi-Million Dollar Cocaine Lab In His Home!

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Yeah, science bitch! Boo, science bitch!

Macphallen Kuwale was a science teacher in Cardiff, Wales until Thursday afternoon, which is when his district's General Teaching Council voted to ban him from the classroom indefinitely!

Whoa! Did he deny evolution? Diss the Big Bang? Roll his eyes at climate change?! What could Macphallen have done to receive such an unfavorable ruling!?

As it turns out, the terribly misguided teacher was running a cocaine lab out of his house! Cops busted him and seized equipment capable of producing $1.5 mil worth of coke!!!


It's like Breaking Bad set in Wales, but with cocaine instead of meth! And no Jesse! Or magnets!

Then again, maybe Aaron Paul wasn't necessary as this dude was certainly feeling the Need for Speed already!

Macphallen was sentenced by the real courts already and will spend 3.5 years or so in jail. Those cops who arrested him weren't done yet, though - they also came to speak before the teaching council.

One officer recalled:

"Kuwale was heavily involved in the supply of cocaine. He was involved in street level dealing as well as a sophisticated wholesale operation. It was totally unusual. It is not something that you come across every day."

It's a classic case of life imitating art imitating very bad decision making!

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4 comments to “Real Life Walter White BANNED From Teaching After Cops Find Multi-Million Dollar Cocaine Lab In His Home!”

  1. 1

    well, seeing that doctors have problem prescribing panadine forte to relieve pain of some chronic ailments, maybe this dude (him being a teacher! nothing more stressful than working with a bunch of adolescent human "orangutangs") needed some pain killers for his IBS or back pain? He can actually use his skills to make himself better, so why not!? I don't really know the whole story so don't jump to my throat about my comment, k?

  2. 2

    Wait, did I confuse cocaine with opiates? Ooops.. I think I did.. sorry..

  3. 3

    Wow, sounds like a sophisticated operation he had going.
    Bella, Not sure what panadine is, but here in the LA area I don't have a problem getting my Doctor to prescribe Vicodin, which I have been using along with another milder pain killer to help with a pulled back muscle.

  4. 4

    Re: teeter totter – I can say to you only one thing: never even think of living in Australia permanently with a chronic pain condition. You will not get help from your doctors.