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Planet Fitness Asked Woman To Cover Up Because Her Body Was TOO Toned?!

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Ask her once, that's OK. Ask her twice? You've got problems!

A woman from the Bay Area in California canceled her Planet Fitness gym membership after not one, but two staff members asked her to cover up her body. The reason? Her toned body was too intimidating!

Tiffany Austin, who has been working out in order to recover from a car accident, was taken aback when one staff member approached her at the Richmond gym that she works out and said:

"Excuse me we've had some complaints you're intimidating people with your toned body. So can you put on a shirt?”

Not exactly the most tactful way to approach someone, but hey - if it's their policy…

…But Tiffany believes that she wasn't breaking any rules. As far as she could tell the only rule she knows about is the no string tanks policy.

Tiffany didn't want any trouble though so she agreed to put on a shirt. While she waiting however, ANOTHER staff member came up to her and told her to put on a shirt, too! Which broke the back of the camel for Tiffany!

She canceled her membership right then and there, and got her money back.

Planet Fitness claims that they have no policies against having too toned of a body, but they do have policies against revealing outfits. Dress codes are at the gym employee's discretion.

Still, Tiffany left the gym that day feeling singled out and intimidated — something Planet Fitness says they are not about!

Check out the video (above) and decide for yourself if Tiffany's outfit was too revealing or if it was the muscle tone that caused the angst!

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15 comments to “Planet Fitness Asked Woman To Cover Up Because Her Body Was TOO Toned?!”

  1. wow says – reply to this


    She is wearing a belly shirt/sports bra and doesn't understand that people might find it revealing? No patience for attention-seekers and I commend Planet Fitness for reacting accordingly.

  2. 2

    There are plenty of gyms that let you wear whatever you want. So why choose a gym that caters to a more discrete clientele?

  3. googledygoo says – reply to this


    it looks like she's braless with spaghetti strap top. going braless while working out might be quite provocative looking in various ways. it sounds like it was more clothes than fitness; although, granted the same outfit on a 50 year old might be less provocative.

  4. 4

    Oh no, two staff members politely asked her, at the request of other customers, to put on a shirt…how awful!

    I agree that their clothing limitations are kind of over-the-top, but really…is it news worthy. She shouldn't be made to feel ashamed of her fitness or unwelcome, but it's as simple as throwing on a t-shirt.
    The only thing I wonder, is if it had been a heavy-set woman wearing the outfit, if they still would have been asked to cover themselves up or if that would negate the "intimidation" factor for other customers.

  5. dress code says – reply to this


    Yeah my gym has a dress code too. She should find a place without one but be ready to get grossed out because it's shocking what some people wear and they aren't as tone as she is. She needs to ask about dress codes before she joins but will probably opt for a place with one because you don't want to see some of the things people wear or rather don't wear…let's just say ewww.

  6. bull says – reply to this


    They have a dress code. She's hardly intimidating, so at least they tried to be nice by saying that. I prefer a gym with a dress code.

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Pretty sure the toned remark was just an attempt at diplomacy rather than saying cover up, honey, it's our policy. I've seen more toned, but she's still pretty good.

  8. googledygoo says – reply to this


    Yes, it was a way to be polite. She is not incredibly toned. I'm sure there are more toned at the gym.

  9. 9

    Maybe they said toned because they didn't want to say skank. They were trying to be complimentary while appeasing other members and their dress code… granted it didn't LOOK that bad but may it was riding up in all the wrong ways I don't kn ow

  10. alex says – reply to this


    I go to planet fitness and I had to change my shirt it was just a cut off sleeve that went down like 3inchs from my armpit at apparently it was to revealing (I'm a guy in decent shape) and was the only one who had to change

  11. toe says – reply to this


    I don't find what Ms. Austin chose to wear overly revealing for working out. I understand the position of the gym-host to maintain the gym's policies… I'd like to think Ms. Austin was simply unclear as to what exactly these policies are and what they are about. In today's culture it is really hard to determine where exactly modesty and exhibitionism start and stop… My wonder is where we all think being intimidated comes from. Inside us or from outside and others? I love that America has manage to achieve some major civil equality but am disappointed by the inequities we are ignorantly/self-centeredly courting. Being fit does not make the a narcissist or attention seeker, nor does heft suggest gluttony.
    a sloth…

  12. jbetz says – reply to this


    She just looks tacky, not too toned.

  13. Rel says – reply to this


    Um she's wearing a sports bra to a gym that Asks you not wear sports bras… Dumbass. A dress code is a dress code. If you don't like it, don't sign up for the gym. That simple. She heard the rules when she signed up. She knew better. She just wants attention.

  14. Smeliott says – reply to this


    I bet she called the gym workers racist, women-haters.

  15. 15

    They have a dress code. She broke it. It wasn't because of her "toned body." This chick is conceited and milking this for all it is worth!