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20-Second Workouts Can Make You Slimmer And Healthier?! No More Excuses! Read The Science HERE!

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20-second workouts can make you slimmer and healthier according this a doctor!

When it comes to exercising, there's usually one classic excuse:

"I don't have the time."

Well what if we told you that a man, Dr. Michael Mosley, believes that only three 20-second bursts of high-intensity training is all you need to be skinnier and healthier!

Doc Mosley came out with a book called Fast Exercise which is all about working in working out into even the busiest of lives.

The doc talked about how the best workouts are all about short bursts of super intense exercise.

The whole point is to get your heart pumping, hard!

Mosley said:

"Two years ago I discovered I was a diabetic. I was a bit overweight. That moved me into… fast exercise. And now I'm 20 pounds lighter and my blood sugars are completely normal. I've gone from diabetic to normal."

Mosley finds that he doesn't even need gym equipment or anything.

He said:

"Stair running is a fabulous form of exercise. You can do it in any building which has three floors."

That's amazing!

Science has been finding out that it's about the intensity of the exercise, not the duration, that provides health benefits.

So get out there and workout for a little bit! It's totally worth it!

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