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Amy’s Baking Company Owner Says That She Was Sexually Harassed By Gordon Ramsay!! Is The Claim Half-Baked?? Get The Deets HERE!

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amys baking company accused gordon ramsay of sexual harassment

What in the world!

If you aren’t familiar with Amy’s Baking Company, of Kitchen Nightmares fame, then you’re about to be!

Believe it or not, owners Samy and Amy Bouzaglo are now alleging that chef Gordon Ramsay sexually harrassed Amy!

While talking to some women at their restaurant, Samy goes into detail about why they don’t like Ramsay, who they call a ‘ginger headed troll,’ and Amy agrees with her husband when he talks about the harassment.

In the video (below), which is from November 5, 2013, Samy explains:

“You harassed my wife, sexually harassed, in the kitchen, he did. He did that… He is nothing, because I show him I am not the other restaurants, he did what he wanted from other wives. Put them on the war between husband and wife, he tried. He tried!"

Sounds pretty serious!

And in a recent interview, from March 10th, the couple was asked about their YouTube video, which they REFUSE to take down!

“I can’t take that video down. His lawyers wanted me to take it down and we said, ‘F**k you, we’re not taking it down. It’s true!’ Wait until you hear what he did to me sexually, wait until you hear how he harassed me… We told them, sue us! We want you to sue us because we will take your company down when they find out the truth and all the proof that we have. Wait until the public finds out! And that’s why they haven’t aired everything, because we’ve been keeping track. We have proven to them that they were like, ‘Oh my God, those people have to be silenced’ because if our story gets out there, what they did to us and what we can prove, they are ruined. They are ruined.”

We know that the Bouzaglos have had their share of legal issues, but MasterChef judges are also not strangers to sexual harassment claims.

Amy went on to say that the couple has been threatened with several lawsuits, but none have gone through, which is because, they say, evidence is on their side.


We leave you with what a spokesperson for the show has said:

"The owners of Amy’s Baking Company continue to make baseless and inflammatory comments. These ridiculous accusations are completely untrue.”

Check out the video and decide if they're lying for yourself!

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17 comments to “Amy’s Baking Company Owner Says That She Was Sexually Harassed By Gordon Ramsay!! Is The Claim Half-Baked?? Get The Deets HERE!”

  1. 1

    Ugh not these guys again! Quit giving them the attention they want! Ughhhh

  2. Pam says – reply to this


    This woman and this man, is so freakin nuts! Gordon came and showed the world how complete nuts these people are, so now there mad, and want to say the worst untrue things that they can think of, to try and get the world against Gordon. Gordon worked his ass off to get where he is at, why would he throw it away for some dumb blonde, and her crazy husband that doesn't even know English! Grow up! Gordon Ramsay is innocent!

  3. 3

    I find this very hard to believe for the sole fact that she is one of the nastiest women I have ever seen. She is way too vile for Ramsey to even entertain the thought of anything sexual with her.

  4. Ame says – reply to this


    They were clearly delusional and sociopaths, especially Amy! Now their egos are bruised and if they were nasty enough to begin with they'll just get nastier with time. I've never witnessed people as disgusting, rude and ungrateful as these two…and I think she's the mastermind in this delusional planet she lives in.

  5. fairmaiden says – reply to this


    Some Kind Of Crazy!!

  6. Pesky Vrmt says – reply to this


    No, no…please…no more! I have nightmares where my chin and breastbone are connected at my jaw!

  7. Elly says – reply to this


    She is a complete munter. Why would anyone sexually harass her?! lol. These people are doing it only for fame and publicity, its pathetic.

  8. 8

    I'm convinced she's a zombie freak!

  9. ElegantButler says – reply to this


    Re: michellt

    Is it really necessary to insult freaks or zombies in such a manner?

    I do agree with you about Amy's overall, however.

    She's clearly unbalanced, that much is certain. Gordon has far better character than that. True, he's got quite a mouth on him, but he would never behave in an inappropriate manner.

  10. 10

    These people are like Herpes… They come and go but you just can't get rid of them forever. The fact these people are still in business just goes to show how stupid some people are in our society. Who would purposely choose to work for or patronize this place.

  11. Deborah Allen says – reply to this


    These two just come up with nonsense every few months to keep themselves in the spotlight. If the allegations were true they would have filed suit shortly after the show aired. They aren't even intelligent enough to realize all of this works against Samy's effort to appeal his deportation.

  12. my donut says – reply to this


    If they were local to me, i would TOTALLY eat at amy's. I have never been more fascinated by any restaurant owners. I saw the episode they were on. I'd never seen anything that tense on tv.

  13. 13


  14. Amy says – reply to this


    Well after watching you and your husband for only moments it was clear you are both delusional. You really need to watch the video of your self with your eyes open. You are horrible people. You think you can belittle, and bully staff and customers. WELL you Amy talked about God…….stop for one moment and think; WHAT WOULD GOD DO? He sure as hell would not, let me repeat that God would not ever treat others like you have. You need to re-read the ten commenments. Your are both pathetic. My prayer for YOU BOTH is I HOPE YOU REAP WHAT YOU HAVE SEWEN. Maybe you are going broke so Gordon Ramsey looks like the cash cow to you both. You make my stomach sick, and the food you served him that night, you are not only delusional you must also be hallucinating. God have merce on your pathetic soul.

  15. zack moore says – reply to this


    Amy need to go rot in hell for what she did to that girl on national TV

  16. autodafe20 says – reply to this


    "You really need to watch the video of your self with your eyes open."

    Do Amy's eyes ever close?

  17. Carol says – reply to this


    I found an interview done with Amy on YouTube where she describes the "sexual harassment". Apparently Ramsay asked her a series of questions about her husband's testes (size, shape, hairstyle and overall feel of Samy's testicles). Listening to all the hoopla about the "harassment", I thought Ramsay had opened his pants and splayed his own sac on the kitchen counter, but no, he was asking her about her husband's. Anyone who has watched Ramsay for 5 seconds would know that he was trying to get a rise out of her, by suggesting that she had a firm grip on her husband's testicles. Given her potty-mouth during his visit, I suppose Ramsay thought she could take as good as she gave and was likely shocked when she turned into a delicate flower at the mention of her man's balls. I suggest that's probably the real reason he left and didn't return for the follow-up episode. Anyway, given the show she signed up to appear on (and the known disposition of the host -Ramsay-), I think her claim minimizes real 'sexual harassment' and she should grow up.