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Are Sutures A Thing Of The Past? Check Out The Medical Breakthrough That Can Change Surgery Forever!

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sutures may be replaced by new medical breakthrough

It looks like the days of getting poked with a needle after surgery might be long gone!

Researchers at the University of Maryland may have developed a new alternative to sutures and stitches which would require nothing more than applying a material directly to an incision!

Not only does this new material hold the skin together, but it also protects the open wound from any potential infections! Oh, and did we mention it's totally biodegradable, meaning it will vanish on it's own over the span about 42 days!

The medical breakthrough is known as PLGA, and at the risk of oversimplifying, it's essentially a fine mesh made of nano fibers which can be applied using a plain airbrush!

Researches are still running tests on it's potential use on humans, but so far it's been successfully used to seal surgical incisions made on the lungs, intestines, and and liver of a pig!

If PLGA proves to be safe to use on people, it can be a great alternative to sutures and stitches, which can be both uncomfortable and painful! How cool is that?!?

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