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How Did This Paper From A UNC Football Player Get An A-?!? Read The Shockingly Bad Essay That Proves Some Players Are Cheating The System!

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Are they REALLY student athletes? Or are they athletes who happen to be competing at a school?

That debate has been burning stronger than ever recently in the world of college sports. Football is a BILLION dollar industry for colleges around the country but unlike the NFL, players on the field don’t see a dime of the money being raked in because they are students, not pros.

Some academic whistleblowers however beg to differ that they should even be considered students! Just look at the essay on Rosa Parks that a UNC football player turned in (below).

The term paper is littered with grammatical errors and at only 146 words long, would barely be considered a college composition.

But what did this anonymous player receive for a grade?

A - !!!

If THAT’S what an A- looks like, what does a B look like? A blank piece of paper?!?

Former North Carolina professor Mary Willingham is the one who is exposing these fake classes and “gift grades.” She says the football program did whatever it took to make sure these kids passed their academic requirements so that they’d be allowed to suit up for games on Saturday!

Her side of the story is being told in a new ESPN documentary about the ongoing scandal. The movie contains allegations that UNC has been passing semi-literarate and in some case completely illiterate athletes, boosting their grade point averages so that they meet NCAA eligibility requirements!

Woooow. Just, wow.

Willingham spilled on just how out of hand this fraud has become, saying:

"Some of these college students could read at a second or third grade level. Students were taking classes that really didn't exist. They were called independent studies at that time and they just had to write a paper… There was no attendance.”

She also claims to have tutored several students over the past 8 years who could not read over an 8th grade level. One basketball player she admits could not read or write at all!

After coming forward with her allegations, the University stripped Willingham of her supervisory title and denied that ANY of it was true!

UNC basketball coach Roy Williams also challenged Willingham’s remarks, saying instead:

"I don't believe it's true. It's totally unfair. I'm really proud of the kids we've brought in here. We haven't brought anybody in like that. We've had one senior since I've been here that did not graduate. Anybody can make any statement they want to make but that is not fair. The University of North Carolina doesn't do that. The University of North Carolina doesn't stand for that.”


It’s not hard to graduate though when your classes are impossible not to pass!

And therein lies the question that may never be answered: what are these kids first and foremost? Students? Or money making athletes that most schools can’t afford to lose on game days?

Sound off below, Perezcious readers!

[Image via Facebook.]

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5 comments to “How Did This Paper From A UNC Football Player Get An A-?!? Read The Shockingly Bad Essay That Proves Some Players Are Cheating The System!”

  1. 1

    Wonder which UNC campus this was? My BIL teaches at the campus in Asheville, NC, an advanced mathematics class.

  2. 2


  3. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    @teeter totter It's UNC Chapel Hill.

    I don't understand why Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson aren't dancing around on their soapboxes about this. Because this right here is definitely something to get upset about.

  4. ellen victa says – reply to this


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  5. MGFunk says – reply to this


    All Colleges do this. Why is this news?