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Pizza Guy Gets A 33 Cent Tip! So Rude! But Wait Until You See The Surprise Delivery He Got The Next Night!

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Andrew Shaffer thought he had just gotten one of the worst tips a pizza delivery guy has EVER gotten!

33 cents?! Really?!

The Portland Papa John’s employee had just dropped a pie off to a couple who gave him $23 for their $22.67 order. Sure, he was upset, but he stayed calm, cool and collected and drove away with a forced smile.

Luckily for Andrew’s wallet though, the story doesn’t end there.

The very next day, the 25-year-old got to work and was met by his boss who asked him if he had gotten stiffed on a tip the night before.

Schaffer explained:

"He gave me their address and I was like, ‘Yes,’ because I remembered they didn’t tip me.”

The very same couple who had only given him a quarter, a nickel and three pennies the night before had come back with a handmade card and a $20 tip!

Their note explained that the reason they had tipped him so poorly for their pizza wasn’t because they didn’t appreciate his service, they are just really bad at math!

After realizing their mistake, they promptly put together this super sweet apology note!

Ch-ch-check out their message above!

Andrew is delivering pizzas to pay for school, and with two thirds of his income coming from tips, every penny counts!

20 bucks is way better than 33 cents though!

Keep up the good work, Andrew!

[Image via Imgur.]

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11 comments to “Pizza Guy Gets A 33 Cent Tip! So Rude! But Wait Until You See The Surprise Delivery He Got The Next Night!”

  1. Maria says – reply to this


    Wow…..anything makes the news in America….

  2. carol says – reply to this


    so cool, people in the UK don't really tip. if that would have happened to me when i was a waitress it would have felt like winning the lottery! the customer service here is shocking, not like america or the rest of the world, great story :) x

  3. Teresa Andrews says – reply to this


    Classy move.

  4. Frank says – reply to this


    3some would have been better!

  5. Doug S says – reply to this


    Their spelling is impaired also.

  6. CS says – reply to this


    I don't understand…what were they trying to tip him? This doesn't sound like they are bad a math, but bad at counting and/or listening.

  7. eliana says – reply to this


    I wish there more people like that …I work on commission and most people don't understand ans and appreciate the pressure and stress is involved in sale ….Today someone came bought from someone else after I had spent 3 hrs with them…they came and placed the order in 5 minutes.

  8. Marcia says – reply to this


    Re: Doug S
    I agree😜

  9. fid says – reply to this


    Re: carol – I wish North America was like the UK in its tipping practices. I loved knowing that the amount asked was the amount I had to pay, no more no less. I also like the fact that people came and just gave me my found, or I went to the bar to pick it up. No forced/fake friendliness from a waiter/waitress while I'm trying to chew some food. And you're expected to tip even if your server sucks and is a horrible person. — I think the problem in NA is that the restaurant owners don't want to pay a fair wage so the customer has to make up their wages with tips. People shouldn't have to rely on tips to make a decent living. I think tipping a server should be a choice and should be done when someone goes over and above. Now it's just mandatory to pay 15-25% for mediocre service.

  10. Coco says – reply to this


    In the uk most people don't tip and some employers like the last company I worked for wont allow you to accept a tip. Good luck to the guy for working hard to get thought school :D

  11. JJsostail says – reply to this


    One time I delivered a large pizza order that ended in .75. The guy handed me the bills that were .25 more than that and stuck out his hand. No happy ending there, I just handed him his quarter and walked out.