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Being Vegetarian Is Bad For Your Health?? New Study Finds Meat-Free Folks Are Less Healthy Than Meat-Eaters!

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vegetarians arent healthier new study

Remember when we said that jogging might actually be bad for your health??

Well now vegetarianism has been outed as not all that healthy after all!

New research has found that vegetarians are generally less healthy and have a worse quality of life than their meat-eating counterparts.

That's so crazy! We would've never expected that!

The study found that vegetarians are more prone to allergies, double the risk, and generally visit their doctors more often. What's most shocking though is the 50% increase in cancer and heart attack risk!

On the mental side of things, stuff doesn't get much better! Vegetarians are more likely to experience depression and anxiety.

A researcher in the Austrian study, said:

"Our study has shown that Austrian adults who consume a vegetarian diet are less healthy (in terms of cancer, allergies, and mental health disorders), have a lower quality of life, and also require more medical treatment. Therefore, a continued strong public health program for Austria is required in order to reduce the health risk due to nutritional factors."

This is all preliminary research though, and more studies would be necessary before any dietary changes were recommend.

Vegetarians do tend to work out more, have a lower BMI and are less likely to smoke and drink too much.

That's probably because they're generally health conscious people. We wonder how they'll react to being made conscious of this new research!

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9 comments to “Being Vegetarian Is Bad For Your Health?? New Study Finds Meat-Free Folks Are Less Healthy Than Meat-Eaters!”

  1. Lisa says – reply to this


    An article written and paid for by the meat industry. Time will tell, keep eating your hormone induced meat and talk to vegetarians in 20 years.

  2. 2

    or u can eat meat with no hormones….they do have that too girl. organic anyone?

  3. laura says – reply to this


    Jajajaaj bullshit

  4. 4

    They're simply trying to push the meat produce industry. Specifically, horses.

  5. Lm says – reply to this


    Unfortunately when you actually look at the study it's completely flawed. There are some great explanations on reddit science.

  6. mary says – reply to this


    This cant be true. Me and my oldest son are vegetarian (his choice not mine) and my husband my other son and daughter eat meat.

    Me and my oldest never get sick and other than the dentist and yearly check ups we dont even bother with doctors.

    The rest of my family (not as much my daughter because she is very into sports thus exercises more) always complains of headaches, joint pain and feeling "sick"

    Its a choice, but exercise and balance is needed. You cant condemn it one way or another because plenty of vegetarian followers think a grilled cheese is a meal because there's no meat.

  7. Don says – reply to this


    The study was of self-reported conditions. And it was a study of correlation, not causation. Learn the difference before posting dreck like this.

  8. Nicola says – reply to this


    Yes some veggies do only eat cheese and fries but this would not be the majority! This is clear pro animal death propaganda. I'm disappointed in you, Perez, for publishing this so ignorant Americans can congratulate themselves for being on board with mass slaughter for their own greed.

  9. djaravegemite says – reply to this


    If you need to cite scientific study in order for your claims not to seem spurious you really should link to said studies, else how can we believe such claims.