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Paula Deen Closes Down One Of Her Restaurants For Good, But Wait Until You Hear How The Employees Found Out!

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paula deen restaurant closes but she did not tell employees

Oh, Paula Deen. Trouble just always seems to have a way of finding you!

The celebrity chef's Savannah, Georgia restaurant Uncle Bubba's Seafood & Oyster House (AKA the place where this whole racism fiasco began) is closed down for good!

Now this might not seem too surprising considering all of the controversy surrounding Paula, but some people who were shocked happened to be the employees who had NO idea the restaurant was being shut down!

In fact, a handful of workers showed up for a regular day of work only to find the sign had been removed and the place was being gutted! One particularly annoyed person commented on the closing, saying:

"My mother put in some hard work for years with you & she finds out when she shows up for work this morning to be escorted by a police officer to get her belongings."

Wow! That is just plain WRONG!!

We're not too surprised to see the restaurant closing down for good, but it would have been nice of them to at least let their employees know ahead of time!!

[Images via Facebook & Carrie Devorah/WENN.]

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12 comments to “Paula Deen Closes Down One Of Her Restaurants For Good, But Wait Until You Hear How The Employees Found Out!”

  1. Shawn says – reply to this


    Racist and inconsiderate…..money went to her head…..it always does……do not forget the ones you meet on the way up to the top…cause you may meet them on the way down…..karma I hope it bites her again…..yet nope she's got 75 million dollar deal.. She's a fake racist phony ….that's sad to here……poor paula ….yeah whatever. I love how she plays the nice card.

  2. 2

    When the racist accusations happened Paula said that her staff was 'like family'. Her treatment of them now shows exactly how she feels about them - they are disposable, they are nothing to her. I'm sure she will come up with some BS response about a misunderstanding, or blame someone else.

  3. 3

    unfortunately this happens everyday. Ppl get laid off and business' close and don't tell their employee's or give them such short notice that they might as well not have. It's not right and I don't think they should be able to do that. We're supposed to give a two week notice and I think they should too.

  4. xoxobb says – reply to this


    shame on she and her brother. in this economy how could they not give these loyal people a heads up so they could secure another job so they can continue to live paycheck to paycheck working so hard to feed there families. I thought she was rehabbing her public image and her brand. bad move business wise and more importantly as a human being who also struggled to put food on her table once. SHAME ON YOU.

  5. Maggie O says – reply to this


    Another fine example of how ObamaCare is making small family business close down

  6. monica says – reply to this


    i worked at Lovers Lane in Chicago when I was in college. They never told any of the employees they were closing the store. I go to show up for work and the store is gutted and locked. I had to call Corporate HR to ask about my last pay check. No consideration for the employees on giving them a heads up so we could plan on finding another job, and planning on having 1 last paycheck. I felt bad for the the moms that worked there and relied on that money to support their family.

  7. 7

    I have worked in the restaurant industry for almost 20 years, and it is common practice for a restaurant, when closing it's doors permanently, not to inform it's employees that they are doing so. The reasoning is that more than likely, if they were to inform them, they wouldn't stay to work out remaining shifts. Paula Dean wasn't being racist, or a bad person. Chances are she wasn't aware that was how it was going to be done. So lighten up and get off the lady's back.

  8. Chip says – reply to this


    It's not her restaurant, it was her brothers. She had simply invested in it. The restaurant closed because of the food not the scandal & the way they did, & I don't like it, happens all the time in the restaurant industry. At least they took the time to compile a listing of restaurants where they can find other jobs at. As far as the racial slur goes, that happened years ago & she has more than apologized for it. Hear the same words thousands of times in rap songs & nobody thinks twice about it.

  9. ClearBowls says – reply to this


    Re: Chip – Paula owned a 51% stake in the business. She was aware of it's goings on, and aware that her reputation is already damaged. She should have made a statement to the employees prior to the closure of the store. If the building was in the process of being gutted when employees were coming in to work, there's enough time to at least thank them for their service.

  10. Emily says – reply to this


    I'm assuming that this is a common action that many businesses take in order to avoid conflict with employees because I had the same experience when Picture Me Portrait Studios closed down. My manager and I showed up to work and tried to clock in only to find a message that said check the company homepage. We did so and to our surprise it said thank you for your service but the company has shut down due to bankruptcy. My manager wasn't even aware that this was happening. Of course we don't know if the regional managers were aware of it either ahead of time because they just told us to go home and leave the store as is, money in the register and all, and not to call the customers who had orders waiting etc etc. I actually wasn't as upset as I probably should've been that I lost my job without notice, I was more upset that I wasn't aloud to call customers who had appointments and photos waiting to be picked up. Like I said, I can only assume businesses do this to avoid conflict with employees however, it is truly disrespectful and cruel. Especially when your employees are the heart and soul of the company and bust their asses to keep it running so that the powers that be can live in luxury. They should have more compassion and respect enough to warn all those involved.

  11. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    This old white broad needs to be raped by two big black dudes with 12 inch peens…..a good f*ck wold kill the racism in her old bones……………….

  12. sarajaneclark says – reply to this


    She only thinks of herself…that's her family. This woman is selfish, lazy, racist, a bigot, and only admitted she had diabetes when she got a HUGE endorsement. She lied to everyone when she said that she wanted to think about it for a while before disclosing the fact….for THREE YEARS. She wouldn't think about her fans for five minutes…all she wants is money, money, money. Oh, and by the way, how many black causes has she given to….I mean real money, not 1,000.00.

    Her backers think that they are going to do an internet business with her….a subscription business. BORING Y'ALL. That's why the food network dropped her….