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Amy's Baking Company Will FINALLY Be Returning For Another Episode Of Kitchen Nightmares, And It's Coming Sooner Than You Think!

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Amy's Baking Company will kick of the latest season of Kitchen Nightmares this Friday!

You know those train wrecks that are just SOO awful that you can't look away no matter how hard you try?

Well this is kind of like one of those, except it just NEVER seems to end!!!

Last month, the conductors of the crazy train known as Amy's Baking Company broke our hearts when they announced they would NOT be making any more TV appearances on Dr. Phil or Kitchen Nightmares!

But it appears there's been a change of heart since we last heard from them as Samy and Amy Bouzaglo WILL be reunited with Gordon Ramsay, and luckily we wont have to wait long!

The dynamic duo will be kicking of the latest season of Kitchen Nightmares this Friday, April 11th, and if it's anything like their last episode it's going to be EPIC!!

We don't know about y'all, but we're setting our DVRs right now because this promises to be MUST-SEE TV!!!

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15 comments to “Amy's Baking Company Will FINALLY Be Returning For Another Episode Of Kitchen Nightmares, And It's Coming Sooner Than You Think!”

  1. 1

    Meanwhile last we heard, she was accusing Gordon of sexual harassment…These people are a joke.

  2. brenda says – reply to this


    I hope Gordon rips her apart ,she is so stupid the only reason she is still in business is because of her rich sugar daddy Gross.

  3. Rubyslypperz says – reply to this


    According to my TV Guide, it's a repeat of the first time they were on………….???

  4. Katie says – reply to this


    Re: Pink Mafia – Exactly! If that actually happened they would have said it a loooong time ago, especially considering they were desperately reaching for something to take any focus off of how stupid, incompetent, and downright CRAZY they both are. At first I thought "what a weird couple" but within minutes it was obvious they are perfect for each other. What pathetic people, and looking at everything on the Internet NOT A SINGLE PERSON is on their side or believes any of their BS. Saaaaaad.

  5. nancy mattson says – reply to this


    These two crazy people only want publicity. And the husband reminds me of the murdering doctor on The Burbs. (old movie staring Tom Hanks) I hope she speaks cat (meow) again so my cat knows what's going on!

  6. jerzygirl45 says – reply to this


    Re: Rubyslypperz

    They showed the repeat last Friday (4/4/14). This Friday might just be a whole new chapter of crazy

  7. Ivan says – reply to this


    The only sad part of all this is shame on this couple for using UNITED STATES OF AMERICA of they corrupted and crazy belabor , she need to be in a mental hospital una loca completa…

  8. Walt says – reply to this


    My only hope is NO one supports them even if Gordon tries turning them around. Ey should anyone now put money in their pockets. I don't know in the last episode if they were using actors but if anyone ever laid his hands on me I would have dropped that old man in a second. They put their hands on customers, yell, cuss, keep the tips from hard working servers, chase customers outside and she even said 'I will make it even more spicy and I hope he gets sick" they both should have been sued. Why support these jerks

  9. Kathy says – reply to this


    Why on earth would you have someone on your show again that has accused you of sexual harassment? Or is this another fake reality TV show and it is all for ratings. Something does not smell right in the kitchen.

  10. J says – reply to this


    I wonder how many of these hateful comments are coming from people milking the system for all it's worth? Here we have a hard working couple with a business that is kept sparkling clean and serves delicious high quality foods and deserts — who just happen to display a disposition problem — not to mention a reality show on their tales in pursuit of the all mighty TV. rating!

    Come on folks, give 'em a break, not everyone was born with a sparkling personality. This hard working couple is being overly vilified for a nonsensical reason. At least they're trying to be self reliant and earn an honest living without jumping into the tax payers pockets!

    Just My Opinion,

  11. Terbs says – reply to this


    Look, I worked in Hollywood at a major studio. And now live 2 miles from Amy's Baking Company. I have had great experiences each and every time. I have edited, produced and hired people to create "drama" for ratings. Sammy and Amy are in a reactionary moment in their lives. They are tying to save what there is left. Band Wagon reviews, blogs etc only increase the BS. Would you not fight for your business, your livelihood, food for your family at any cost? Problem here is that the fight was shown on TV. End of season for ratings sake. I don't work with or for ABC, I do work with restaurants in LA and AZ as a consultant. I hate seeing what Yelp has done to so many family businesses. I wish these guys lots of luck. I will continue to dine there and take home desserts to my GF. I have always been treated with respect and great service. Experience the restaurant yourself and try not to fuel a fire that you have nothing to do with or gain from.

  12. Dannielle says – reply to this


    What a horrible experience I had! The elderly man "Sammy" was using the women's restroom while I was in there and he stunk the place to high heaven and clogged the toilet. He then started cursing & yelling & ordered this poor young waitress to bring a bucket & mop & clean it up! All his clamoring & hollering in loud broken English permeated the restaurant — not to mention the stink — and I was nauseous! The food was disgusting! Undercooked pizza & awful service. AVOID!

  13. The hub says – reply to this


    As sad as it is to see the owners act this way I wonder why people continue to go there. Stop going, show her you won't put up with it. Tshirts and more?shes laughing all the way to the bank!

  14. Fawn says – reply to this


    Amy needs serious help! Omg, I have never seen someone feel so entitled, spoiled, and in denial! Good thing they live in another state. Poor Gordan, what you have to endure. They don't pay you enough!

  15. sounds to me like ue p says – reply to this