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Kanye West Drops New Verse! Says Beating An NFL & NBA Player To Win Kim Kardashian Is Like Scoring In The Super Bowl! Listen HERE!

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kanye west raps beating reggie bush and kris humphries for kim kardashian

He always describes his lady love in such classy terms.

Kanye West has a verse on Future’s new song I Won, and of course it’s all about Kim Kardashian!

The 36-year-old rapper spit sweet nothings about his baby momma like, “one day I put an angel in your ultrasound,” "on the Bound bike I gave you only pipe," and even shouts out all of her sisters saying that Kris Jenner only made trophies.


But Ye also threw some shade at Kim’s exs Reggie Bush and Kris Humphries when he rapped:

“I made it over NBA, NFL players. So every time I score it’s like the Super Bowl.”

Hmm… maybe he should ask Reggie about that one, you know, since he actually won a Super Bowl and all.

But whatevs; it’s cute how much he loves his fiancé!

You can ch-ch-check out the song (below)! Oh, and ch-ch-check out her latest THONG PIC riiiight HERE!

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22 comments to “Kanye West Drops New Verse! Says Beating An NFL & NBA Player To Win Kim Kardashian Is Like Scoring In The Super Bowl! Listen HERE!”

  1. 1

    What a conceited ass!

  2. 2

    lol. he thinks she loves him for him and his music. hahahahhahahaha.

  3. Kikikiwi says – reply to this


    is it a "win" if nobody wants it?

  4. jaene says – reply to this



  5. Chanoc says – reply to this


    How funny, he's so proud of getting sloppy left overs that he pulls "lyrics" out of his ass… STFU!!

  6. texasannie says – reply to this


    um, since kim has been with everyone and their friends and their friends, friends, I don't see what he has as being special. she ain't no prize. he's basically bragging that he got a girl that everyone has had. she's a slut and he's an idiot. oooh burn, kayne, you're with a whore who only has a name because she's a whore who everyone has seen on a sex tape. good for you. you brag about that. uh huh! as bugs bunny would say … "what a maroon!"

  7. 7

    Bwhahahahahahaha. Yeah right.

  8. chiro says – reply to this


    One man's trash is another man's treasure.

  9. LLM says – reply to this


    Yep, we'll see how that works out for you!

  10. Reggie says – reply to this


    You can have tyour sperm bank back kanye .

  11. kssomom says – reply to this


    She's actually a loser, she isn't with REGGIE BUSH!!! She went from having a guy who is TOTALLY HOT to one that is Totally scraping the bottom of the barrel!!!!!

  12. brenda says – reply to this


    But Kanye these guys have all had her shes a loose goose shes slept with more guys than days you 2 have been together.Reggies Lady is Beautiful.Chris must be thanking his lucky star hes done with Kim.Kanye needs a king size bed just for Kims ASS.

  13. 13

    Does anyone else actually find these lyrics immature, childish and not at all fantastic? If my boyfriend rapped- sorry spoke- these words to me I would walk out. Ew.

  14. @v@ says – reply to this


    Wow. There really is somebody for everybody. Glad Kanye's happy.

  15. Alisha says – reply to this


    This song is way better than the songs were rappers are cursing women. You people (people bored with their life and sitting behind a pc and cyber bullying people you don't know)need to start focusing on the bigger problems in this world.
    How many ho's, who is fucking who, etc. what a waste of your time.
    You listen to a song; you like it or you don't. We need entertainment in this life. Thank you for entertaining us kardashians and other celebrities.

    ppff get a life bullies

  16. 16

    All he got were sloppy thirds from a girl with a big, fat ass.

  17. 17

    OMG is he F… serious! Big score a KimHO that everyone has HAD and threw away!

  18. Go Home says – reply to this


    Re: Alisha – yea wrong place to preach your views. Go home with Kim and Kanye because no one cares.

  19. A says – reply to this


    Actually, Reggie broke up with her. The reason being that his religious family would not accept a woman with her past. As far as the Hump is concerned everyone knows that Kris and Kim saw $$$ for a televised wedding, so he was fooled into it all for $$$.

  20. Deedee says – reply to this


    Kanye Hello!!! Shes with you because the truth is nobody in their right mind wants her tore up, used up, skanked up ASS! So quit praising yourself on trash thrown out!

  21. cibi says – reply to this


    Kanye is a moron is every sense of the word.

  22. Kylee chaffin says – reply to this


    Is it really considered winning if they already got what they were after? Kanye got nothing but leftovers. And not even good ones at that. Yuck.