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Take Note, ESPN! Here Are 10 Of The Weirdest Sports Around The Globe We'd LOVE To Watch!

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Sports, and competitions in general, have been around since the beginning of time, but some games are just a little wilder than others!

Like the people who chase a wheel of cheese down super steep hills, or chess boxing which combines peak mental and physical abilities.

These are just some of the most nuts-o sports on the planet!

1. Greased Pole Climbing
This is exactly what it sounds like it is. Climbing greasy poles is an activity found all over the world, but is typically a part of Indonesia’s Independence Day celebration. First one to the top wins!

2. Wife Carrying
Yup, you guessed it! This is a race where a husband carries his wife. It’s as simple as that! According to Wife-Carry.org, the origin is a little tricky, but the important thing is that this sport exists.

3. Cheese Rolling
This is another sport that has spread to steep hills worldwide. The exact rules may vary slightly, but the object is to chase a wheel of cheese as it bounces down a steep hill. It looks super painful, but also delicious.

4. Extreme Downhill Ice Skating
If you get nervous watching the skeleton luge during the Olympics, then this might be a little hard for you to watch. It's literally just skating downhill, as fast as you can, and hoping you don't fall.

5. Shrovetide
This claims to be the ‘Mother’ of games like football, rugby , and soccer. It’s over 1,000 years old and is played on Mardi Gras Tuesday, which they call Shrove Tuesday. Basically, the object is to get the ball to one half of the English town of Ashbourne. And they’ll scratch, claw, and bludgeon each other over several days to make it happen.

6. Sepak Takraw
If soccer and volleyball had a baby, it would be this. Players can only use their feet, knees, and chest to get the ball over the net.

7. Shin Kicking
Participants in this sport get the sh*t shin kicked out of them. The object is to literally bring your opponent to his or her knees.

8. Finger Jousting
The alternate title for this sport could just be ‘Poking’ but that’s way less bad*ss! And yes, the object is to ‘lance’ the opponent with your index finger.

9. Chess Boxing
Talk about brains and brawn! In this sport, you play three minutes of chess, then a three minute round of boxing, then pick up the game of chess where it left off. The winner can be in the ring or by checkmate.

10. Combat Juggling
Juggling is not just for court jesters anymore! In combat juggling, the object is to be the last person standing with three pins. Good luck!

Would YOU play any of these weird sports??

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Would YOU play any of these weird sports??

  • I'll stick normal things. Like golf. (55%)
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