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Southern California City Declares Sriracha Factory A Nuisance AGAIN!! Get The Smelly Details HERE!

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The city of Irwindale is giving the local Sriracha factory 90 days to clean up their act!

To most of us, Sriracha chili sauce is a magical ingredient that can go on pretty much anything and is guaranteed to make it taste 100 times better!

But to one city in southern California, it's a flat-out nuisance!

The city of Irwindale has once again complained about the fumes coming from the Sriracha factory, saying it emits a foul odor and is affecting their air quality.

If this sounds familiar, it's probably because the exact same city had the exact some complaint last October and asked the plant to shut down production until they were able to get rid of the spicy stench!

The case failed to get off the ground after the factory argued harvest season had already passed and they were no longer cutting up peppers. However, the Irwindale folk are at it once again and are giving the company 90 days to clean up their act!

Once again, the city isn't asking the plant to shut down for good, but we'll admit we're a little confused as to what happens next if the stench persists after 90 days!

Is this the end of Sriracha as we know it? We sure hope not!!

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